A Year on Denali

Some 2001 facts about North America’s highest peak:

  • A record 1,305 climbers attempted Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, in 2001, with a record 772 summits (59 percent) recorded. (The historic summit rate is 51 percent.)
  • Average trip length for all expeditions on Denali: 17.1 days (the average time for expeditions that reach the summit is 21 days).
  • The average age of a Denali climber was 36 years old. The oldest climber was 70; the youngest 11. Both were record-breaking climbs.
  • Women comprised 10 percent of the climbers on Mt. McKinley.
  • 189 summits were made in May, 549 in June, and 34 in July.
  • Climbers came from 39 nations. After the United States (with 765 climbers), the other top nations represented include United Kingdom (65), Japan (48), Switzerland (45), Canada (44), and Korea (40).

Source: Denali National Park & Preserve