COVID-19 Dashboard – 2021

Bates College is committed to providing regular updates to the community about COVID-19 testing results. This dashboard tracks the incidence of COVID-19 cases in the Bates community beginning February 9, 2021 with the return of students for the winter semester.

The Fall 2020 dashboard has been archived.

During the Winter 2021 semester students will receive PCR testing on Mondays and Wednesdays and antigen testing on Fridays. This testing schedule will continue until further notice. Antigen-positive tests will be confirmed with additional PCR testing. More information about testing methodology can be found here and here.

There will be a lag in posting results to the dashboard as there is typically about 24-36 hours of processing time once the specimens arrive at the Broad Institute via courier. Once we receive the results, individuals who have tested positive will be notified directly by Human Resources or Bates Health Services. The dashboard will be updated daily at 5 pm with the most up-to-date available results.

For additional information about the metrics below, you can hover your pointer over the various elements of the dashboard. For best performance we recommend using a desktop computer when viewing this dashboard.