Prevention, Health & Wellness

If your fall 2020 attendance plans (in person, remote, other) have changed, please immediately email Student Affairs staff member Faith Hauger,, to request that you be able to update your Fall Attendance Questionnaire.


At Bates, we pride ourselves on a culture of mutual caring and respect, and given the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, these attributes must be even more amplified by actions that we must all take.

All students are expected to adhere to all policies related to COVID-19 at all times: while on campus, while in off-campus housing, and when off campus in the community. In turn, Bates will strive to offer our campus community members clean, hygienic, and ventilated spaces — including dining, athletic, academic, arts, and residential — throughout campus. 

These policies are subject to change as the local and global situations evolve and as public health guidance is updated. Updates will be emailed to students and families as soon as they are available. 


If you have questions about the key student policy mandates for 2020–21 related to COVID-19, email

Universal Face Covering

Bates requires face coverings in all indoor and outdoor areas on campus. Exceptions to the policy are: Eating outdoors, when the appropriate distance is maintained; Eating in designated indoor spaces, when the appropriate distance is maintained; Working in private offices and when working alone in closed (or contained) spaces on campus; Students spending time in their own residence hall room.

Isolation, Quarantine, and Contact Tracing

The health and wellness of our community is predicated on the rapid identification of COVID-19 cases and our collective ability to swiftly contain possible spread through isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing.


If you have questions about isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing, email

Health Services

Bates recognizes that health significantly influences a student’s ability to participate fully in the life of the college. Bates has an established relationship with Central Maine Medical Center to provide medical expertise and care for students and has developed resources and information to support students during the COVID 19 pandemic


If you have questions about Health Services, email

Counseling and Psychological Services

Bates recognizes that mental health significantly influences one’s ability to participate fully in the college community. Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) strives to enhance each student’s well-being by providing comprehensive, confidential mental health care and by encouraging informed, individual participation on mental health-related decisions. All CAPS services will be offered to students planning to return to campus this fall. 

Due to mental health professional licensing restrictions, CAPS is not able to provide all services to students studying remotely outside the state of Maine. For these students, CAPS staff can provide ongoing consultation, case management, and support/transition of care appointments.


If you have questions about CAPS, email

Student Support

Upon joining the campus community, every Bates student is assigned a Student Support Advisor (SSA) who remains connected to your campus experience during your time at Bates. 

SSAs provide personal advising and support and supplemental academic advising. Returning students may locate their SSA by accessing their Success Network in BatesReach. All new students will learn about their SSA during Orientation. SSAs will be accessible to all students, whether studying on campus or remotely.