Sharing your Work

Parents and Family Weekend Poster Session. Students who have conducted summer research supported by the dean of the faculty’s office are expected to present a research poster with information on the project at the annual Parents and Family Weekend Poster Session. Students who conducted summer research funded through other sources are strongly encouraged to present a poster at the session. Students studying abroad in the fall are exempt. See for more information.

Mount David Summit. Students are also encouraged to share their research at the Mount David Summit, held at the end of the winter semester. See for more information.

Presentations at Scholarly Conferences. Students may be encouraged by their research advisor to present their research at a scholarly conference. Students may apply for funding through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to support travel to conferences through two grant programs: the Bates Student Research Fund (all disciplines) and the STEM Travel Grant Program (science and math). Current students and those who have graduated in the last twelve months are eligible to apply for conference funding.

Publications. Student research may result in a journal publication or may contribute to a chapter or book, usually co-authored with a faculty member. Preparing research for publication requires a commitment of time and attention beyond summer research or senior thesis, but students are encouraged to work with faculty to publish their work.