STEM Conference Grants

IMPORTANT! In 2020-21, the STEM Conference Grants will not support any travel, however limited funding is available to cover the cost of online conference registration. 

STEM Conference Grants provide funding for Bates students who wish to present their research at scholarly conferences and professional meetings in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines, including  natural sciences, mathematics, neuroscience, environmental science, biomedical fields, and science education. The purpose of this grant program is to give undergraduates the opportunity to present their research in regional and national forums, and to meet with and learn from scholars and experts from other institutions.

October 1
December 15
March 5 ***New deadline
May 1 ***New deadline

WHO MAY APPLY. On the recommendation of a faculty member, any enrolled Bates students may apply for STEM conference support. An enrolled Bates student is defined as a student enrolled in classes at the time of the application or the meeting, or who is participating in a Bates approved JYA or JSA program. Recent alumni also are eligible to apply to present research conducted while at Bates, as long as the conference they plan to attend takes place no more than one (1) year after their graduation from the college. Preference in funding is given to students or alumni presenting thesis or senior capstone research. 

RESTRICTIONS AND BUDGETS. This grant program does not cover any costs incurred by the faculty member / research director.

Student budgets must be specific and may include abstract submission fees and registration. Funds will not normally be awarded in excess of $500 per student for conferences. Students generally do not receive support for attending more than one conference in an academic year.

TO APPLY. After consulting with a faculty member, a student may apply for a STEM Conference Grant through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. Click here to apply!

Applications must include: a completed application online form, an abstract of the research to be presented, the title, sponsoring organization, and dates of the conference; a description of not more than two double-spaced pages of the conference and the student’s reasons for wishing to present at the conference, a detailed budget, and the signature and comments of a faculty member or research director (either uploaded with all other materials OR sent separately to Alison Keegan,  ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 11:59 PM on the DUE DATES ABOVE.

Awards are announced within two weeks of the deadline. For more information, contact Kerry O’Brien, Dean of the Faculty’s Office (207-786-6065 –