NACAC Guidelines

Exhibitor Rules and Responsibilities from the National Association of College Admissions Counseling

  • The selling of products by exhibitors at a National College Fair is prohibited.
  • The distribution of information about a product or services by individuals not affiliated with the National College Fair as an exhibitor, counselor, or a committee volunteer is prohibited.
  • Prefabricated displays may not exceed 8 feet in height and must be placed in the rear of the booth. Institutions may not contract for or set up elaborate displays.
  • Exhibitors may distribute brochures, catalogs, and other appropriate items, which provide a factual description of their institution and its programs, and only from the booth.
  • Conversations with students are only to be conducted from within the exhibitor’s assigned booth space-not in the aisles.
  • Plastic bags, calendars, bumper stickers, buttons, pennants, posters, candy, or other advertising or promotional material may not be distributed from the booths.
  • Demonstrations such as food preparation, drawing of caricatures, haircutting or other similar activities are not permitted.
  • Audiovisual equipment is permitted but must be confined to the registrant’s booth. All audio equipment must be used at low volume, and noise levels kept to a minimum. NACAC reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.
  • Aisles in front of the booth must be kept completely clear of promotional and display materials. The aisles will be swept and cleaned, but registrants must keep their own spaces clean and in good order at their own expense.
  • Institutions contracting for booth space at a National College Fair agree to have a representative in the booth during the scheduled hours of the fair, have the representative there on time, display materials that are in good taste, and to abide by the policies of the National College Fair. Any question regarding these rules will be decided by the NACAC representative and the LAC chairperson.