Thesis Titles

A list of the American Studies senior theses.

Name Thesis Title
Jacob Adams Deer Isle, Maine and its Place within the Maine Myth
Lyndsay Beaton Having Kids: Analysis of the Representations of Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood in Television Shows
Luca Denning Beats, Basketball and Blackness: Hip Hop Culture’s Emergence in the NBA and their influence on representations of Black Masculinity in American Culture
Joanna L. Golding The College and the Community: Exploring the Impact of Service-Learning on the College Aspiration of Community Partners – HONORS THESIS
Ryan Katon Nerd Up: The Rise of Nerd Media and the Co-Optation of Narrative in Advertising
Victoria Lowe Black Popular Music and American Popular Culture
An Exceedingly Dirty and Nasty People”: Exploring the Patriot Forces of 1775 – HONORS THESIS
Emma Solar Founded by Abolitionist, Funded by Slavery: Past and Present Manifestations of Bates College’s Founding Paradox – HONORS THESIS.
Sofie Søgaard The Construction of Exceptionalism Nationalism:  A Critique of Danish Imperialist Shame and Ongoing Colonialism in Kalaallit Nunaat – HONORS THESIS.
Porsha Winters The American Dream, Public Housing, and Jay-Z