Student Presentations at the Mt. David Summit

Research on the Classical Era, Spanish Shepherding, the Astrolable, and Visigoths in Spain

Moderator: Sarah Lynch
Nate Lewis ’24: Winckelmann, Jefferson, and the Bronze Age Pervert: Classicism, Whiteness, and the Construction of the Alt-Right Male in the Digital Age
Maria McEvoy ’25: Sheep, Shepherds, and State: The Mynth of the Reconquista and the Islamic Origins of Spanish Shepherding
Evan Boxer-Cook ’26: Understanding the Astrolabe: How a Medieval Pocket Computer Puts the Universe in Your Hands
John Price ’24: Otherness and “Alterity” in Visigothic Spain

Negotiating Belief in the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern World
Moderator: Mark Tizzoni
Mary Trafton ’23: “He chose for Himself yours- a useless, disobedient, and faithless nation”: Jewish, Christian, and Roman Identity in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho
Cody Pfeiffer ’23, “Habia abido y abia y andaba en ellas duende…”: The case of a duende in early modern Spain
George Miller ’25, The Influences of Ezana’s Conversion

Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Trigger Warnings
Moderator: Lisa Maurizio (FYS 345, Classical Myths and Contemporary Art)
Students consider the prevalence of violence against women in Ovid: Should we be forewarned?

Lights, Camera, Classics! Euripides’ Bacchae and Pautus’s Captivi

Moderator: Laurie O’Higgins
Performed Live and on Video
Michaela Brady ’14, Andrew Carranco ’14, Emily Clark ’15, Michael Creedon ’15, Charles Munn ’14, and Nicholas Steverson ’15

Research in History from Ancient Room to Contemporary Japan

Andrew Beck ‘ll: In the Shadow of Defeat: Tactical Transformation during Second Punic War

Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus

Moderator: Laurie O’Higgins
Students from Latin 204 perform scenes from Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus with English subtitles.

Apuleius’ Fictional Trial of Pudens
Moderator: Margaret Imber
Students from Roman Law CMHI 253 reconstruct and re-enact the trial of Pudens

Roman Law I: Law and Change
Moderator: Margaret Imber (Students from CMHI 390J)
Alexander Garnick ’10: A Comparison of the Vestal Virgins to Livia Drusilla
Christopher Miller ’10: Fideicommissa
Eliza Kano-Bowers ’11: The Impacts of the Lex Julia de Adulteris
Neeraj Hotchandani ’10: Degeneration of Citizens’ Rights and Increased Brutality in Roman Law

Roman Law II: Aspects of Roman Law
Moderator: Michael Jones, History (Students from CMHI 390J)
Ronald Ead ’12: Imperial Protection at the Expense of Senatorial Libertas
Joncarl Hersey ’12: The Mystery of Acceptable and Unacceptable Magic in Ancient Rome
Evan Procknow ’10: Law and Ethnogenesis

Love and Identity in King Arthur’s Court

Moderator: Thomas Hayward, Classical and Medieval Studies (FYS 341/Federico)
Charlotte Green ’11: National Identities in Arthurian Legend
Katherine Bernier ’11: Arthurian Love Dynamics
Jamie Nickerson ’11: The Paradox of Courtly Love
Noah McCreight ’11: Courtly Love and Chivalry in Conflict in Arthurian Literature

Agency, Identity, and Gender from Ancient Rome to the Present
Moderator: Lavina Shankar, English  (CMS thesis student)
**Erin Faulder ’08: Reading Roman Women through Rhetorical Invective
Erin Bonney ’09: The Legacy of the Desaparecidos in Argentina
Mallika Raghavan ’08 and Nina Schwabe ’08: Bengali American Women in The Namesake

Artistic and Critical Interpretation of the Classics: Homer, Cicero, Seneca

Moderator: Thomas Hayward, Classical and Medieval Studies (CMS students)
Anne Barton ’08: Missing from the Equation: Briseis and the Iliad
Erin Faulder ’08: “Scipio’s Dream”: The Bond between Cicero’s Politics and Philosophy
Anne Barton ’08, Erin Faulder ’08, Molly Madzelan ’09, Magdalene McCally ’08, and
Anna Meader ’09: Performing Seneca’s Medea

Themes in Arthurian Literature
Moderator: Sylvia Federico, Classical and Medieval Studies/English, (CM/EN 121)
Christine Arsnow ’08: An Author’s Responsibility: T. H. White’s Message to WW II Era Youth
Jonathan Browher ’08: Inverted Worlds: Environments in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Alexandra Kelly ’09: The Technique of History: History of the Kings of Britain and Quest for King Arthur

Art and Analysis in the Humanities

Moderator: Sylvia Federico, Classical and Medieval Studies (thesis student)
Joshua Harris, ’05: Critical Transformation in the Writing of Zhuangzi
**Nancy Highcock, ’05: Christianity in Fourth-CenturyBritain: The Destruction of Mithraeums
John Mulligan, ’06: Remembering Democracy in the Berlin Abgeordnetenhaus
Megan Hamilton, ’06: Prose Reading

Ancient Threads in Modern Texts
Henry Walker, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (thesis students)
Sarah Connell ’04: Hero and Goddess
Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Perversion of Ritual in the Iliad
Martha Horan ’04: Shakespeare’s Mulberry Tree: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Jennifer McGill ’04: Female Characters in Greek and Noh Drama

Everything You Wanted to Know about Psycholanalysis but Were Afraid to Ask Ovid

Lisa Maurizio and Amanda Seadler ’05, moderators (CM/WS 219)
Amanda Seadler ’05:  Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Myth
Jennifer Hanley ’05:  Compliancy in Arachne as Revealed through Winnicott
Dara Kidder ’03:  Winnicott’s Artist and Daedalus
Michelle Gomperts ’05:  Winnicott’s Failing Mother-Mirror in Greek Myths
Kim Neeb ’03:  Mother-Mirroring in Narcissus and Echo
Elizabeth Santy ’06 and Taylor Miles ’05: Apollo and Daphne: Turning a Woman into an Object
Naama Zohn ’05:  Transformation as Flight

I’ll See You in Court: Litigation as Evidence of Life in Classical Athens
Margaret Imber, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (CM/HI 231)
Patrick Sherwood ’06:  Banking in Fourth-Century Athens
Emily Rand ’06 Hubris:  Rhetoric of the Rich and Famous
Henry Crosby ’05:  Litigation in Ancient Athens
Alyssa Asack ’04:  The Aristocractic Athenian Wife
John Michael Karass ’05:  Litigation in Ancient Athens

Language, Music, and the Construction of Ideas
Baltasar Fra-Molinero, moderator (thesis student)
Benjamin Daggett ’03: The Resurrection of the Word in Eduardo Galeano
Christina Bouris ’03:  Western Music’s Other:  World Music in Context
**Elizabeth Wilson ’03:  Seneca’s Hercules Furens: Reviving a Classic

Classical Architecture

Lisa Maurizio, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (CMS 210)
Kara Stenback ’05 and Katherine Miles ’05: The Temple of Aphaia
Erin Torrey ’05 and Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Temple of Hephaistos: Analysis and Interpretation

Creative Work in Classics
Lisa Maurizio, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (thesis students)
Elizabeth Miller ’02: “Nix Leo”: Translating Children’s Literature into Latin (reading)
Zachary Gill ’02: The Masculine Hero in “Hercules Furens”
(short talk and dramatic reading with Hilary Kiskaddon ’03, Matteo Pangallo ’03, and Elizabeth Wilson ‘03)