Members of the BQDC at King's College in New York City.
Members of the BQDC at King’s College in New York City.

I know nothing about debate; can I still join the team?

Yes.  Almost all of our debaters learned to debate at Bates. Our varsity members will train you to learn the art of debate from the ground up.

But I never debated in high school; can I still join the team?

Yes.  Every year we teach our new debaters how to debate, regardless of their experience levels. 

Do you “cut” novice debaters from the team?

No. The BQDC is committed to inclusivity and does not cut any debaters.

Do I have to major in Politics or Philosophy to debate?

No. Our debaters major in everything from Physics to Art.

What topics does the BQDC debate about?

Everything. Each debater can write his/her own cases about anything from international relations, to superheroes, to religion, to history, to economic policy, and everything in between.

How often does the BQDC meet?

We typically meet 3 times per week in the afternoons after classes.  We attend tournaments throughout the US and world each weekend (see next question).

Am I obligated to attend all practices and tournaments?

No.  Debaters may debate as often or as little as they please.  We recognize that our debaters have various other commitments and engagements.  If you do not plan to attend a tournament on a given weekend, you are not obligated to attend practice. 

What style of debate do you compete in?

We compete in both the British and American Parliamentary Styles.  

For information about the American Parliamentary Style and the APDA circuit, visit this website: http://www.apdaweb.org  

For information about the British Style, visit this website: 

This all sounds really expensive, what are the membership dues?

Thanks to the generosity of our school and alumni, participation on our team is free to all members.