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Tyler Harper: Making bread and breaking bread on MLK Day

With the Grateful Dead playing in the background, Tyler Harper led a dozen students through “Just Flour,” a step-by-step, hands-on exercise in bread making that included discussions about environmental justice and African American baking.

Meredith Greer: Teaming with Lewiston schools to improve math education

While volunteering in the Lewiston Public Schools, Meredith Greer had a chance encounter with an educator who was preparing to use robotics to teach math lessons. That led to a win-win collaboration between Greer’s First-Year Seminar and a team of Lewiston technology coaches. 

Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic: Joining major announcement explaining ‘odd radio circles’

When Aleks Diamond-Stanic arrived at Bates in 2016, the term “odd radio circle” — which refers to the massive rings that encircle entire galaxies — didn’t even exist, because astronomers hadn’t discovered them.

Michel Droge: Painting the ocean depths and discovering an octopus nursery

A fish on stilts, an octopus nursery, and “bioluminescent disco balls” are just a few of the deep-sea wonders Michel Droge saw while spending a month at sea as an artist-in-residence on a scientific expedition.


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