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Adriana J. Salerno

Professor of Mathematics



Hathorn Hall, Room 206


Adriana Salerno is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where she received her undergraduate degree in mathematics from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in 2001. She then went on to earn her PhD at the University of Texas. While completing her doctorate in mathematics, Salerno was also selected as the AMS-AAAS Mass Media Fellow in the summer of 2007; as such, she wrote articles for the Voice of America. Salerno’s main research area is Number Theory, in particular the intersections of number theory with geometry, physics, and cryptography. She is also very interested in the communication and teaching of mathematics to create a more inclusive and equitable STEM workforce.  She is an alum of the Linton-Poodry SACNAS Summer Leadership Institute, and the SACNAS-HHMI Advanced Leadership Institute, and is committed to increasing the representation of minorities and women in the mathematical sciences. She is a proud member of AWM, SACNAS, MAA, and AMS. Salerno was visiting mathematician at the Mathematical Association of America’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.,  from September to November 2016.