Daniel Riera-Crichton

Betty Doran Stangle Professor of Applied Economics



Pettengill Hall, Room 273



Professor Daniel Riera-Crichton received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California-Santa Cruz in 2007. Prior to his graduate studies in the U.S., he received his B.A. from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and M.A. from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.  Before arriving to Bates, Professor Riera-Crichton taught at Vassar College, University of California Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University. He also held research positions at the International Monetary Fund, Cabezon Capital LLC, and Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2009, Riera-Crichton has collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, the Bank of Korea (visiting scholar) and Yonsei University (visiting faculty).

Professor Riera-Crichton’s research agenda addresses issues on Persistent Current Account Imbalances, Financial Integration, Commodity Price Shocks, Real Exchange Rates, International Reserves and Fiscal Policy. Current active research includes papers exploring the fiscal multipliers and their interplay with monetary policy, global financial transmission mechanisms, the links between banking and external crises and the relationship between economic shocks and macroeconomic development.

His current teaching fields include Principles of Macroeconomics, International Finance, Time Series Econometrics and the World Economy, an introductory class to international economics.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of California Santa Cruz
M.A. in Econometrics, University Pompeu Fabra
B.A. in Economics, University Autonoma de Barcelona

Fields of interest:
International Finance, Open Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Monetary Economics.

Selected publications:
Economic Shocks, Civil War and Ethnicity (joint with Thorsten Janus).  Journal of Development Economics

Pitfalls in identification and measurement of Fiscal shocks (joint with Guillermo Vuletin and Carlos Vegh). Journal of Monetary Economics.

The Output Effects of Gross Foreign Investment Reversals (joint with Thorsten Janus). Oxford Economic Papers.

Procyclical and countercyclical fiscal multipliers: Evidence from OECD countries (joint with Guillermo Vuletin and Carlos Vegh). Journal of International Money and Finance

Adjustment patterns to commodity terms of trade shocks: the role of exchange rate and international reserves policies (joint with Joshua Aizenman and Sebastian Edwards).  Journal of International Money and Finance.

Real Exchange Rate and International Reserves in the Era of Growing Financial and Trade Integration (joint with Joshua Aizenman). The Review of Economics and Statistics.