James G. Richter

Professor of Politics



Pettengill Hall, Room 165

European Studies

Pettengill Hall, Room 165



B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

I arrived at Bates College in 1987 with an expertise in US and Soviet foreign policy during the Cold War. My research agenda has changed several times since then, but I have always been interested in global politics and particularly the politics of Russia and the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. My current research focuses on the politics of memory—or, in other words, elite efforts to mobilize history and memory to bolster support for their political preferences—and how this politics affects international relations in Europe and beyond.


COURSES in 2021-2022:

PLTC 236: The Global Politics of Climate Change
EUPT 322: Politics of Memory

PLTC 213: Great Power Politics
PLTC 232: The Politics of Post-Communism

Other Courses
PLTC 171. International Politics
PLTC 371: International Peacekeeping
FYS 425: Politics of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe