James W. Hughes

Thomas Sowell Professor Emeritus of Economics





Hughes received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Michigan in 1987. Prior to coming to Bates, Hughes was on the faculty at Amherst College and The State University of New York at Albany.

Hughes’ principal areas of research include labor, intellectual property and law and economics. He has conducted research on sex discrimination in various labor markets in the U.S. and China. His research on the effects of fee-shifting on litigation outcomes culminated in an invitation to contribute an entry on the subject to The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law. He is currently engaged in research on human trafficking in southeast Asia and investigating the disappearance of African American jockeys from American thoroughbred racing at the end of the 19th century.

Hughes teaching areas are in statistics, microeconomic theory, labor economics, intellectual property and a course on the economics of gender.

Ph.D. in Economics, The University of Michigan

Selected publications:
“Finding the Lost Jockeys,” (with Debra Barbezat), Historical Methods:, A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, v. 47, n. 1, 2014, pp. 19-30.

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