Jonathan J. Cavallero

Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies


Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies

Pettigrew Hall, Room 307


Professor Cavallero teaches Film and Television Studies at Bates. His research interests include race/ethnicity and media; film and television history; film festivals; Hollywood film; Bollywood; media authorship; U.S. cultural history; and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in pedagogy. Cavallero’s writing has appeared in such journals as Cinema Journal, The Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of Film and Video, The Journal of Popular Film and Television, MELUS, and Italian American Review. His book titled Hollywood’s Italian American Filmmakers: Capra, Scorsese, Savoca, Coppola, and Tarantino was published by the University of Illinois Press in 2011. Cavallero has taught at University of Arkansas, Penn State University and Indiana University, where he was a two-time recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award (once for “Introduction to Media” and once for “Public Speaking”). His interest in studying Italian Americans springs from his own Italian American background. Cavallero’s great grandparents immigrated to the US with their families between 1910 and 1912. As a third generation Italian American growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Cavallero often looked to the movies and television for a sense of cultural definition.


Ph.D. – Communication and Culture and American Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.A. – Media Studies, Penn State University, University Park, PA

B.A. – Government, with a minor in English (Film Studies), Georgetown University, Washington, DC



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Jonathan J. Cavallero & Laura E. Ruberto (eds.), Italian American Review 6.2 (Summer 2016). Special issue on Italian Americans and television.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Public Scholarship

Jonathan J. Cavallero. “Edible Ethnicity: Italian-American Representations, Cinematic Style, and Ethnic Commodification in Stanley Tucci’s and Campbell Scott’s Big Night.” Maine Film Center.  Live Zoom Presentation. November 2020.

Jonathan J. Cavallero. “Bates Film Professor Jon Cavallero’s Top 30 Films of the Decade.” Bates News. January 9, 2020.

Jonathan J. Cavallero, “John Ford: Remembering Maine’s Native Son and Celebrated Director.” Maine Calling with Jennifer Rooks. Maine Public Radio.  January 29, 2019.

Book & Film Reviews & Remembrances

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