Katie M. Adkison

Assistant Professor of English






Ph.D., English Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara (2020)

M.A., English Literature, Colorado State University (2014)

B.A. English Education, Colorado State University (2012)



Katie Adkison is an Assistant Professor of English at Bates with a specialization in early modern literature and culture. Her current book project (tentatively entitled The Sense of Speech: Voice and Sovereignty in Early Modern Tragedy) explores how discourses of the embodied voice in early modern England bled into political debates about monarchy, law, and representation; more specifically, she argues that dramatic tragedy of the period leveraged these intersecting discourses to respond to and critique problems of sovereign power. Other research interests include gender and sexuality studies, affect theory, and new methodologies in critical making, letterpress printing practices, and the digital humanities. Find her most recent publication in Shakespeare’s Virtuous Theatre: Power, Capacity, and the Good (Edinburgh UP 2023).


Courses at Bates

ENG 131: Tragedy and the Drama of Voice

ENG 213: Shakespeare and the Senses

ENG 214: Shakespeare and Early Modern Racialization

ENG 239: Shakespeare’s Queens

ENG 246: Staging Sovereignty: Theatricality and Early Modern Politics

ENG 282: Paradise Lost: Contexts and Afterlives

ENG 395L: Utopia/Dystopia Fiction

ENG 395Q: Reading Feeling: Literature and Affect Theory

ENGs 32 (short term): The Poetics of Printmaking (a history of printmaking and visual poetry using a hands-on, critical making approach to letterpress printing)