Lynne Y. Lewis

Elmer W. Campbell Professor of Economics



Pettengill Hall, Room 272


Lynne Lewis received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Colorado after a two-year dissertation fellowship at the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Her dissertation received the Universities Council on Water Resources Dissertation Award. Prior to coming to Bates she served on the faculty at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Her work has covered topics including valuation of ecosystem services, water quality trading, water allocation and the impacts of climate change. She recently participated on NSF grant focused on valuing the potential benefits from dam removals and river restoration. Part of that new research involves estimating distance decay in willingness to pay for river restoration and building a bioeconomic model connecting freshwater systems to the inshore cod fishery. She is also working on new research focused on building coastal resilience in the face of sea level rise as well as examining economic resilience and capacity building in the face of rapid glacier melt.

Lewis also co-authors the popular Environmental and Nature Resource Economics textbook with Tom Tietenberg. The 11th edition of this book was just published in February 2018.

She currently serves on the Boards of Maine Audubon and Maine Ultimate, and the Advisory Board of Mitchell Center for Environment and Watershed Research. She received the friend of UCOWR award in 2005.

Lewis’s teaching areas include microeconomics, environmental economics, natural resource economics and valuation. She is currently designing a new course on coastal resilience, adaptation and mitigation.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder

Fields of Interest:
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Tietenberg and Lewis Textbook:

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 11th Edition


Selected Publications:

Tietenberg, Tom and Lynne Lewis. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 11th Edition, Routledge, 2018.

“The Disappearing Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Study of Water Quality in the Lower Mekong Basin,” with Yoon Loon (Andrew) Wong (Bates Economics ’12), in Journal of Environmental Management October 2013.

“Dams, Dam Removal and River Restoration: A Hedonic Property Value Analysis,” (with Curtis Bohlen and Sarah Wilson (Bates ’06)). Contemporary Economic Policy. April 2008.

“The Interstate River Compact as a Water Allocation Mechanism: Efficiency Aspects,” (with C.W. Howe and J.S. Shope) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, November 2000