Nathan C. Faries

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies


Asian Studies

Roger Williams Hall, Room 311


Roger Williams Hall, Room 311


Professor Faries has taught at Bates since 2014 and has been a student of Chinese language and culture since 1997. Dr. Faries teaches courses in Chinese literature, religion, and questions of national and personal identity, as well as Chinese language classes. He has lived and taught at universities in Hong Kong and Beijing for many years and has led several short-term study trips to China for students at Bates and other American colleges. Dr. Faries earned his PhD in Comparative Literature at Penn State where he studied issues of religious identity and freedom in Chinese literature. His book on these issues, The “Inscrutably Chinese” Church was published in 2010. He has recently published essays on Su Xuelin, a Chinese Catholic novelist from the Modern era. Two forthcoming book chapters explore Chinese spiritual practice as it contrasts with Western Christian spirituality and a co-authored essay on portrayals of Buddhism in recent adaptations of the classic novel Journey to the West. Professor Faries’s current project is a chapter on Lu Xun and popular culture for Approaches to Teaching Lu Xun.