Senem Aslan

Associate Professor of Politics



Pettengill Hall, Room 172


Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle; B.A., Bogazici University, Istanbul

A graduate of Bogazici University in Political Science and International Relations, Senem Aslan earned her Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Washington. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University between 2008 and 2010. At Bates, she teaches courses on Middle East politics, state-building, and nationalism. Her book, Nation-Building in Turkey and Morocco: Governing Kurdish and Berber Dissent, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. She also published articles in the International Journal of Middle East Studies, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, and the European Journal of Turkish Studies. Her recent research focuses on the different governments’ politics of symbolism and imagery in Turkey.

Teaching for Academic Year 2015-16

Fall 2015
PLTC 308:    Violence and State-Building in Iraq
PLTC 205:    State-Society Relations in the Middle East

Winter 2016
PLTC 160:    Politics of the Modern Middle East

Short Term 2016
PLTC s49:    Political Inquiry

Other Courses That I Teach
FYS   400:  The U.S. in the Middle East
PLTC 260:  Nationalism and Nation-Building
PLTC 333:  State Building, State Development, and State Collapse
PLTC s24:   Politics of Imagery in the Middle East
PLTC s25:   Turkey: From Empire to Nation (Off-campus short term course)