List of Fellowships

The best applications are begun at least three months before the campus deadline. Contact Dr. Robert Strong – ( for specific details.  NOTE: Robert will work with Bates students and alums on any fellowship or grant application beyond this list.

Fellowship For Open To Campus Deadline Learn More
Beinecke Funding for graduate school in humanities, arts, or social science. U.S. citizens. Juniors January 3 Beinecke Website
Carnegie One-year fellowships to work as research assistants to the Endowment’s senior policy associates. All nationalities. Seniors and alums one year out.  January 3 Carnegie Website
 Churchill STEM master’s degree at Cambridge University. U.S. Citizens. Seniors and alums under 26. August 1 Churchill Website
DAAD Multiple scholarships, many in Germany. Varies. Varies. DAAD Website
DAAD Rise Summer STEM research. All nationalities. Sophomores and Juniors. November 15 DAAD Rise Website
Davis Peace Summer project abroad or in U.S. All nationalities. All four years, including graduating seniors. Early January Contact Kristen Cloutier Davis Website
Ford Funding for graduate study in selected fields.  U.S. citizens.  Seniors and alums.  The Ford seeks to increase faculty diversity.  First day of classes in September. Ford Website
 Fulbright Independent research or arts projects, English language teaching, or degree programs abroad.  U.S. citizens. Seniors and alums of any age. August 1. Fulbright WebsiteBates Fulbright
Gates Cambridge Master’s degree at Cambridge University, any discipline.  All nationalities. Seniors and alums under 30. First day of classes in September. Gates Cambridge Website
Goldwater Funding for STEM research graduate studies. U.S. citizens.  Sophomores and Juniors. January 3 Goldwater Website
Hertz Funding for doctoral programs in the applied STEM fields. U.S. citizens. Seniors and first-year grad students. First day of classes in September. Hertz Website
Island Institute Maine Island fellowships U.S. citizens. Seniors and alums. March 1 Island Institute Website
Knight-Hennessy Funding for graduate study at Stanford.  All nationalities. Seniors and alums within 4 years. August 1 Knight-Hennessy Website
Madison Funding for graduate studies for future high school teachers in social studies or history.  U.S. citizens. Senios and alums.  Monday after Thanksgiving. Madison Website
 Marshall Master’s degree in the UK.  U.S. citizens. Seniors and alums within two year. August 1 Marshall Website
 Mitchell Master’s degree in Ireland. Seniors and alums under 30. August 1 Mitchell Website
 NSF Grad school funding in STEM and Social Sciences  U.S.  citizens September 15 – Contact Theresa Bishop NSF Website
 Rhodes Master’s degree at Oxford University.  U.S.  citizens and those from these countries. August 1 Rhodes Website
Princeton in Africa / Asia / Latin America Internship placement in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. All nationalities. Seniors and alums. Contact Robert AfricaAsia

Latin America

Schwarzman Master’s degree in China, with a focus on economics, business, or policy.  All nationalities. Seniors and alums under 30. August 1 Schwarzman Website
 St. Andrews Study in Scotland. Seniors of some Scottish descent. August 1 St. Andews Website
Soros Funding for graduate school. Immigrants and children of immigrants.  Under 31. August 1 Soros Website
 Truman Funding for graduate school.  U.S. citizens. Juniors. January 3 Truman Website
 Udall Environmental studies or American Indian policy or health. U.S. citizens.  American Indians or Alaskan Natives. Sophomores and Juniors. January 3 Udall Website
 Watson Independent project abroad.  Any Bates senior. Sept. 1 Watson WebsiteBates Watson

Please also check our FURTHER FUNDING page for more details, especially for international students.