Information about Room and Board Refunds

Dear Students,

It has been a turbulent week on campus and in the wider world, and I hope that you and your family are adjusting to this new reality and finding moments of togetherness and joy amidst the challenges. I write with information regarding room and board refunds for students who have left campus due to the COVID-19 crisis and are preparing to complete the winter semester remotely. 

Refunds will appear as a credit to your student account, and our plan is to have credits applied beginning March 31, 2020. The credit will apply first to any outstanding account balance, and any excess credit created by the refund will be available to you on Garnet Gateway:

  • You may request a payment for the excess credit (via direct deposit or check) by submitting a Refund Request.
  • You may leave the excess credit on your student account to offset future charges.

All students, including those on financial aid, will receive a refund of room and board charges on a pro-rata basis for the days remaining in the winter semester, based on the amount a family has contributed to the single fee. The minimum refund is $1,150. The maximum is $2,300. 

Students who were registered for Short Term for spring 2020 will have the opportunity to complete their required Short Term credits next year or after, depending on their current class year. We will work individually with any student who needs to complete a Short Term this spring to fulfill graduation requirements. Short Term classes for this limited group of students will be offered remotely.

The small number of students who are approved to remain in residence on campus through the end of the winter semester because of significant extenuating circumstances will not receive a refund because they continue to receive room and board. Students who elected to live off campus this semester but remained on the meal plan will receive the board portion of the refund, prorated by the amount a family has contributed to the single fee. Likewise, students who elected to live on campus this semester but were off the meal plan will receive the room portion of the refund, prorated by the amount a family has contributed to the single fee.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the ongoing decisions and adjustments by you and by us in response to this unprecedented situation.

Many thanks,

Geoffrey Swift
Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Treasurer

Please visit the Student Financial Services site for additional detail and frequently asked questions.