The Resources team will explore the following questions:

  1. What is the financial model that will best position Bates to meet both our short and long term goals for financial sustainability?
  2. How can Bates best evaluate choices about resources in a systemic fashion that is in keeping with our core values?

Resources Members

  • Chair: Geoff Swift, Vice Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer
  • Staff: Jeremy Cluchey, Director of Creative Design, Bates Communications Office

Team Members-Faculty

  • John Baughman, Associate Professor of Politics
  • Raluca Cernahoschi, Assistant Professor of German
  • Hong Lin, Professor of Physics
  • Michael Murray, Charles Franklin Phillips Professor of Economics
  • Mary Rice-DeFosse, Professor of French and Francophone Studies
  • Paul Shea, Assistant Professor of Economics

Team Members-Staff

  • Doug Ginevan, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Wendy Glass, Director of Student Financial Services
  • Randy Shaw, Associate Vice President for College Advancement
  • Jason Scheideman, Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Budget and Administration
  • Christine Schwartz, Assistant Vice President for Dining, Conferences and Campus Events
  • Heather Ward, Assistant Director, Finance

Team Members-Students

  • Ben Wilentz ’16
  • Alex LeFevre ’16