Harvard University Press E-Books (2013)

Susan_081913aA large selection of 2013 Harvard University Press e-books are available to Bates students, faculty and staff beginning this year.

Many are already in the Ladd Library catalog, and more will be added between now and January, 2014. We will have a total of 166 books at that time.
All books have unlimited use and permanent access, and you may download chapters at your convenience. We hope that you will find these books easy to use. If you sign up for an account on the DeGruyter platform where we offer these books, the ability to add titles to a “bookshelf” and take notes on them will be available to you. Here are just a few of the titles which are already accessible:


  • Defending American Religious Neutrality
  • Alone in America
  • Economic Foundations of International Law
  • Laws of Creation
  • Ordered Liberty
  • The Fallacies of States’ Rights
  • Collected Papers on Monetary Theory
  • Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America
  • Declaring His Genius: Oscar Wilde in America, 1882
  • First Amendment Institutions
  • Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism
  • The Behavior of Federal Judges
  • The Land of Too Much
  • Under Household Government
  • Building a Public Judaism
  • Rules, Reason and Self-Knowledge
  • Spirit of the Hive
  • The Duke and the Stars
  • The Fragile Wisdom
  • Trent: What Happend at the Council
  • Black Jews in Africa and the Americas
  • American Umpire
  • The Gandhian Movement
  • Making Toleration

We always welcome your feedback on e-book platforms and new content. Let us know what you think!