Academic Video Online

International Films? Silents? Documentaries? Performances?

Academic Video Online (AVON) is a new package of video that supports research across the curriculum. While it includes some material already available to Bates users — Filmakers’ Library and  Classical Music in Video — the 62,000+ titles also include material that we’ve long wanted to offer like Dance in Video, Silent Film in Video, and a well curated selection of international films from Kino on Video, Global Lens, and First Run Features!

Primary resources in the collection include a selection of segments from 60 Minutes — including searchable transcripts — and newsreels including The March of Time and more than 3000 titles from the Universal Newsreel series.

AVON is now the home of our streaming subscriptions to material from California Newsreel which distributes Race the Power of an Illusion, and many other heavily used titles in American Studies.

Much of the material includes closed-captioning in English (the same text as the transcript, but viewable in full-screen mode).