MLK Day Research Guide

Prepared by Marianne Williams, the college’s humanities librarian, this 2024 MLK Day Research Guide offers information to help connect students, faculty, staff, and community members to resources offered by the Bates library on food justice, including several books by keynote speaker Bryant Terry.

Food justice is an interdisciplinary topic, covering many different subjects, including agriculture, landscape architecture, economics, sociology, history, legal studies, and political science.

Marianne Williams is the college’s humanities librarian.
  • Reference Materials: There are a number of reports and annotated bibliographies on food justice that provide excellent contextualizing information and resources for research into food justice.
  • Bates ScholarshipMany students at Bates have researched food justice. There are a number of projects that have specialized in local solutions to food justice, conducting community-engaged research projects in Auburn-Lewiston.
  • Finding Research on Food Justice in LibrarySearch: Interdisciplinary research often requires an understanding of synonyms and academic keywords.
  • Documentaries and Films can also be excellent places to find research and learn about food justice and food issues.