Dean of Students’ Summer Newsletter 2012

Students stream out of Alumni Gym after Convocation 2011. Photograph by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College.

Dear Returning Students, Faculty and Staff:

I’m pleased to present the 2012 edition of the Summer Newsletter.

Compiled and published by Bates Communications and the Dean of Students Office, this is a roundup of news from academic and administrative departments.

The newsletter is composed of separate Web pages for each departmental update. A complete list of the updates, with links, appears at the upper right — just click on the “Academics” and/or “Administration” links to see the departmental links. The links marked with asterisks bring you to home pages for offices that have no summer news.

You can also navigate directly from any update to the one that comes before it or after it — just follow the links marked “Newsletter Update” at the bottom of each page.

I’ll take this opportunity to highlight some other important information. The last post in the newsletter series is a calendar of important dates for the opening of the academic year. But to see important dates for the entire academic year, please follow this link.

Of particular interest to returning students is the date on which they may return to campus and move into college housing: Returning students may occupy their assigned rooms beginning Friday, Aug. 31.

Please note that although students may occupy their rooms as early as Aug. 31, the board plan is not in effect until dinner on Monday, Sept. 3. Before the board plan takes effect, meals may be purchased in New Commons for an additional per-meal charge.

Though we offer the opportunity to arrive as early as Aug. 31, we encourage returning students to hold off until Sunday or later. Requests to return prior to Aug. 31 cannot be accommodated. We strongly urge upperclass students not to plan their return for Saturday, Sept. 1, as that’s the day new students and their families arrive on campus.

All are invited to attend Convocation at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Classes begin on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

I wish all who are traveling a safe return to Bates. We in the Dean of Students Office look forward to working with each of you in the coming year.

Tedd R. Goundie
Dean of Students

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