Bobcat First

About Bobcat First

Bobcat First (B1st) fosters the success of first-generation* college students through co-curricular activities, events, workshops, and peer connections. We create a welcoming environment and strive to develop all of our students into life-long learners. Program participants gain knowledge and skills that empower them to grow academically, personally, and professionally. B1st is committed to supporting the dreams of students and provides opportunities for academic development and learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, B1st provides a supportive community that allows students to develop a sense of belonging on campus.

Bobcat First is guided by Dr. Ray Grant, the Assistant Dean for First Generation and Bobcat First Programs. 

Bobcat First students receive access to the following:

  • An exclusive first-year summer pre-orientation experience
  • Academic success workshops from campus experts
  • Individualized academic advising meetings 
  • Financial literacy and planning workshops
  • Access to tutoring for biology, chemistry, math, and writing
  • A broad network of peer, faculty, and staff mentors
  • Support for graduate school exploration trips, including law and medical schools
  • Recreational and community building activities including swim lessons, game nights, dinners, and field trips
  • And more!

Are you a first-generation student interested in Bobcat First programs and events? Use our Google Form to sign-up for B1st!