Kessler Scholars Summer Pre-Orientation Overview

Below is a general overview of the Kessler Scholars Pre-Orientation program. Kessler Scholars should plan to participate in the full Pre-Orientation program from 8/26 to 8/28. More detailed information to be provided in early August. If you have any questions about Pre-Orientation please reach out directly to Dri Huber.

Kessler Scholars Pre-Orientation Days

Date: August 26, 2024 & August 27, 2024

Pre-Orientation Days will introduce Kessler Scholars to resources critical to their success at Bates and help to build community with one another. Kessler Scholars will be expected to move into their residence halls on the morning of Monday 8/26 and then orientation will begin with lunch. Families and support networks are invited to participate in afternoon programming on Monday 8/26.

Programming on Tuesday 8/27 will only be open to Kessler Scholars.

Kessler Scholars Field Trip Day

Date: August 28, 2024

The last day of pre-orientation is focused on going off-campus to engage in an activity and spend time with one another before beginning New Student Orientation the following day.

New Student Orientation

Program Date: August 29, 2023 – September 2, 2024

In addition to the Kessler Scholar pre-orientation program, students will participate in New Student Orientation with all first-year students. New Student Orientation takes place August 29 – September 2, 2024. More information about the FYE can be found by visiting the First Year Experience website.