LGBTQ+ Active Ally

The intention for the Getting Down to Basics, LGBTQ+ Active Ally workshop is to provide an opportunity for all Bates students, regardless of their level of knowledge about LGBTQ+ identities, to come together and learn from and with one another about various identities and experiences of queer communities and how they can best support Bates members of the LGBTQ+ community.

It is a hope that participants of the LGBTQ+ workshop sessions will take what they learned and implement into their daily lives and experiences to create an impactful and supportive Bates community. Participants are also encouraged to expand their knowledge and understanding of queer communities at Bates and beyond.

Have questions or want to learn more about this opportunity, connect with Anthony Del Real at

What is the reason for the LGBTQ+ Active Ally workshops?

There are many reasons to have a workshop like this. For us, it is to help create and maintain an impactful and supportive Bates community through active conversations that address bias and misconceptions around LGBTQ+ identities and experiences.

Completing this workshop shows your interest and continued to commitment to creating and maintaining supportive spaces for all. Participants who complete the entire workshop receive an LGBTQ+ Active Ally sticker:

What are the goals of the workshop?

Through this workshop, participants will explore:

  • language and identities that impact LGBTQ+ experiences that promotes awareness and inclusion across intersections of identities
  • (un)conscious bias and how active displays of intervention and active learning can cultivate a supportive and non-discriminatory environment for all
  • what it means to be an active ally and how to use knowledge beyond the workshop

What does it mean to be an Active Ally?

We consider a Bates LGBTQ+ Active Ally has is a active member of the community who is striving to directly address acts of prejudice, discrimination and bias against the LGBTQ+ community. An Active Ally is anyone who continues to expand their understanding and knowledge about LGBTQ+ identities and experiences beyond the initial workshop.

Who can participate in the Active Ally Workshop?

Any and all Bates College students are able to participate in any of the offered sessions; regardless of one’s prior knowledge and understanding.

We encourage participants to come to the workshop with an intentional and active curiosity and willingness to lean into areas of understanding they might not know and willingness to learn and grow.

How often are the Active Ally Workshops offered?

Beginning Fall 2024, the Getting Back to Basics 101 workshop will be hosted 1-2 times a semester. More offerings will be offered on an at-need basis.

Registration for the events is highly encouraged and will be posted to Bates Engage. Keep an eye for them and/or connect with the OIE on Bates Engage for updates about upcoming events and programs.