SPARQ is a network of resources sponsored by the OIE that strive to support students’ positive development of gender, (a)sexuality, and (a)romantic identity. We offer peer mentoring, ally education, and targeted programming focused on specific LGBTQ+ identities accessible to the entire Bates community. Through these resources, SPARQ will provide a consistent presence which aspires to foster a true sense of safety for LGBTQ+ and questioning students.

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SPARQ Peer Mentors

SPARQ Peer Mentors are the foundation of the SPARQ Program. Mentors are trained to provide support for personal, social, and academic concerns to all students who identify as LGBTQ+, or are questioning their sexual or gender identity.

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You can always stop by the OIE to get connected with a SPARQ Peer Mentor during their drop in hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s from 4pm to 6pm, as well. For more information please contact the Anthony Del Real at

QConnect Dinners

QConnect Dinners are a meal and conversation gathering where LGBTQ+ students and their allies connect and foster a sense of community through cooking, sharing a meal, discussions and the sharing of personal experiences. Discussion topics are prepared by SPARQ Peer Mentors. These conversations are broad but guided through the lens of gender, sexual, and romantic diversity.

SPARQ prioritizes the privacy of all students who attend these events.

Please sign up for the OIE Google Group (listserv) to learn more about when upcoming events are scheduled!

Out2Lunch Discussion Series

Out2Lunch is an informational discussion series focusing on topics, identities, and resources relevant to LGBTQ+ college students and their allies. Out2Lunch is open to all faculty, staff, and students.

Please sign up for the OIE Google Group (listserv) to learn more about when upcoming events are scheduled!

Active Ally Trainings

Active Ally Trainings are formal and interactive workshops providing awareness, education, skills, and forms of actions individuals need to perpetuate a safe and welcoming campus. Trainings are open to ALL students, staff, and faculty.

Please contact Anthony Del Real at for more information.


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