Participation on Club Teams

The Bates College Athletic Department has the highest of expectations for those who participate in the club sport programs.

The purpose of the club sport programs at Bates College is to provide students a valuable learning experience through the organization and administration of the club sport activity, including budgeting, scheduling, coaching, and leadership as club officers and captains.  However, it is considered a privilege rather than a right to be a student-athlete and with that privilege come certain responsibilities.

Foremost among these responsibilities is the adherence to the policies established by Bates College and the Department of Athletics.  Knowledge and understanding of these policies will guide the participants behavior which in turn affects the reputation of the team, the Athletic Department, and also the College.  Student-athletes are highly visible so each student is expected to act as a positive role model and leader. Violation of any policy by an individual may result in the individual (and possibly team) being addressed with disciplinary measures from the Athletic Department, as well as the Student Conduct Committee.

The following information will provide more information for students interested in participating on a club sport team:

  • definition of a club sports program
  • explain participation requirements
  • physical requirements
  • insurance coverage, and
  • how to earn physical education credit by completing a season of participation.

Definition of Club Sports

An intercollegiate club sport is one that has met the criteria and has been officially recognized by the Athletics Department.  Clubs of sports activities that are sponsored by the NCAA but do not currently hold varsity status at Bates, may apply to the Athletics Department for acceptance after consistently participating in a regular season league of intercollegiate competition for two years.

Officers work closely with the Director of Club Sports from the Athletics Department to ensure compliance with College and sport  association policies.

Participation requirements

Only Bates students with full-time status may participate on the club sports teams.   The sports club will practice and compete only during their official season, which allows students additional opportunities to participate in other activities offered at Bates.  This in adherence to the philosophy of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC), of which Bates is a founding member.

Every member of the club sport team is required to attend a compliance meeting held by the Director of Club Sports, held during pre-season.  Policies governing the club sports program developed by the College and the Athletic Department will be explained.  At the conclusion of the meeting, all students will submit a signed statement agreeing to abide by the policies held by the College and Athletic Department.  NO student may participate in any competition before submitting signed compliance forms.

College and Athletic Department policies include:  Alcohol & Drugs, Hazing & Initiations, Sportsmanship, and Spectator Code of Conduct.  Detailed information of these policies may be found at links provided on this page.

Physical requirements

Students interested in participating in the rugby and ice hockey club sports teams are required to submit a physical as a FY and Junior.  Students must use the Health Services Physical Form and submit it at least one month prior to the beginning of their season.  This physical may NOT have been taken more than 6 months prior to first day of practice!

Men’s & Women’s Rugby – season begins 2nd day of classes in September.

Men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey – season begins November 1st.

Only the Health Services Physical Form will be accepted.

NO participation with teams are allowed until the physical has been received and reviewed by first by Health Services and then by the Athletic Training staff.

All other students participating on a club sports team must sign the Annual Health Update at the pre-season meeting held with the Club Sport Director.   Students may NOT participate with sport program until the Annual Health Update has been signed.

Insurance Coverage

Students participating in a club sports program sponsored by the Athletic Department are covered by the Bates Basic Sports insurance policy plus an additional catastrophic policy.  The Bates College policy is always in effect, stepping in either as primary where no other coverage is in effect, or as secondary where there is other primary coverage (like a parent’s policy) in effect.

This covereage is good for the official season only and for travel to/from practices and games.

Opportunity to Earn PE credits. The club sports team season will be officially recognized if the team has a minimum of three intercollegiate competitions during a minimum six week period, of which the team conducts at least five hours of practice per week.   Student-athletes may earn physical education credit if they complete the season with the team and meet the criteria listed below.  Each club is responsible for maintaining accurate records of participation and submit those records with the End of the Season Report to the Director of Clubs Sports.

Individual Standards for PE Credits

Club Program Minimum  Participation Minimum # of Games/Competitions
Equestrian 15 hours of
1 competition
Fencing attend 80%
team practices
2 competitions
attend 80%
team practices
3 games
Rugby attend 80%
team practices
3 games
Sailing attend 80%
team practices
2 competitions
Ultimate Frisbee attend 80%
team practices
2 competitions
or tournaments
Men’s Volleyball attend 80%
team practices
3 matches
attend 80%
team practices
3 games