Order of Celebration

“Snow Leaves In May” (Philip C. Carlsen, composer)
Gamelan Mawar Mekar Seniors Gina A. Fatone, Director Renee D. Blacken, Katherine M. Creswell, Mihoko Maru, Julia B. Plumb, Gregory S. Rosenthal, Erin P. Torrey, Rose Pruiksma

Selections from Prelude in A Minor, op. 28, no. 2 by Chopin; arranged by Joseph D. Maurey
Quem Vei Chorar by Furloni; arranged by Charles D. Hely ’07
Prelude in A Minor by Chopin; arranged by Joseph D. Maurey
Symphony no. 7, Allegretto (second movement) by Beethoven; arranged by Joseph D. Maurey
The Blazing Sun Steel Orchestra

Rachel Herzig

The Wisdom of the Ages: Offerings from Class Religious Traditions

The Islamic Tradition
Surat-ad-Duha 93, the Qu’ran
Jamil M. Zraikat

The Christian Tradition
Ecclesiastes 3:1–12 and 11:9, the Bible
Jevede D. Harris

The Jewish Tradition
Exodus 3:13–15, the Bible
David N. Burns

An Offering in Song
O Magnum Mysterium (Morten Lauridsen, composer)
The Baccalaureate Choir

In honor of Bates’ origin 150 years ago as the Maine State Seminary

Litany for the Class
Led by: Christina C. Alioto, James A. Byrnes, Shoshoni T. Caine, Jocelyn N. Davies, Rodrigo H. Dias, Adrienne E. Eaton, Kathryn H. Franich, Michelle Gomperts, Caitlin G. Hurley, Kristen E. Johnson, Timothy W. Larson, Sarah A. Lewis, Elliot B. Linsley, Sarah E. Overmyer, Matthew S. Pooley, Jason R. Rafferty, Sean D. Siff, Rachel E. Silver, Blake R. Wayman, Darcy L. York

Written by: Christina C. Alioto, Lawrence J. Handerhan, Caitlin G. Hurley, Sarah A. Lewis, Matthew S. Pooley

An Offering In Music
“The Simple Art of Batesie Pride”

We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeffrey P. Bartolini, Matthew S. Pooley, Blake R. Wayman, composers and performers

Sarah K. Neukom
Lawrence J. Handerhan

An Offering In Motion
“Go Your Own Way” (By Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac) Baccalaureate Dancers Sarahbelle A. Marsh, director
Gretchen P. Gough, Sarah E. Jessee, Nao Minami, Abigail R. Raymond

Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Blessings for the Journey

The Hindu Tradition
Chapter 3, verses 4, 7 and 8, the Bhagavad Gita
Ritika Juneja

The Secular Humanist Tradition
“Pray for Peace,” by Ellen Bass
Erica V. Feldman-Boshes

The Buddhist Tradition
“May All Be Filled With Joy And Peace,” traditional prayer
Gregory S. Rosenthal

“Now Our Meeting Is Over” (Shaker hymn) The Baccalaureate Choir Gregory S. Rosenthal, piano

Sisters, now our meeting is over.
Brothers, we must part.
And if I never see you anymore,
I will love you in my heart.
Yes, we’ll land on the shore.
Yes, we’ll land on the shore.
Yes, we’ll land on the shore,
And be safe forever more.

Recessional to the Ivy Ceremony
Selections from “Big Punch,” by Charles D. Hely ’07
“Hard Times,” by Len Boogsie Sharpe, arranged by Shelly Irvine
“Hey Ya,” by Benjamin, arranged by Joseph D. Maurey
“A Pan Invasion,” by Joseph D. Maurey
“Pan Lives,” by Joseph D. Maurey
The Blazing Sun Steel Orchestra