The Class of 2008 has chosen “Roots” as its theme. Everyone has roots. They’re where you’re from, or where your parents are from, or their parents. They are what you hold sacred and they tell the story of who you are and how you got here. Considering our individual roots is only one step — as a class we’ve formed a collective network of roots that is almost unimaginable in its depth and breadth, stretching literally to the farthest corners of the world and crossing all conceivable boundaries. As far and wide as any roots reach, though, they are united in their purpose: to bring life back to the source. For the last four years the Class of 2008 and its deep and far-reaching roots have brought life to Bates. Now our paths diverge, but despite the dif- ferences in where we’re going and what we’ll be doing, we’ll all continue to learn, to explore, and to grow, and in doing so we’ll continue to put down new roots. Every place and experience we touch will become part of our story and continue to redefine us. But the roots we’ve planted here at Bates are strong and surely deep, and as far as we may go they’ll keep us forever connected to this institution, this education, and the beautiful relationships we’ve all shared.


The Art


All artwork adorning the ceremony has been created by members of the Class of 2008: Molly Balentine, Berit Barr, Anthony Begon, Emmanuel Drabo, Rachel Harmeling, Claire Jakimetz, Aubrey Nelson, and Zach Risler.


The Procession and Recession


The procession and recession of the Class embrace the ceremony and symbolically embody the rite of passage that this service celebrates. Together, they offer a prayer in motion.


The Archways


The Class of 2008 processes and recesses under archways adorned with prayers, poems, and blessings offered by their family members and by members of the College’s faculty and staff. May the hopes and longings expressed on these cards be carried on the wind to all the places the graduates find themselves after leaving Bates. (For ease of viewing, all the cards have been scanned into the Web site of the Multifaith Chaplaincy: Click on the link for Baccalaureate Blessings.)