Student Profiles

Class of 2014

Destany Franklin

Destany Franklin ’14 is an Education Studies minor from Seattle, Washington. She found her passion for education during the summer after her first year at Bates, when she interned at Hillview Housing Authority in Lewiston. “I enjoyed my time so much,” she described, “that I continued working in the community and decided to educate myself by becoming culturally competent about different types of learners, teachers, and institutions.” When she returned in the fall she decided to pursue Education.

Destany has continued to remain a force at Hillview throughout her time at Bates. She has helped both VISTA and AmeriCorps coordinators transition into their positions at Hillview with children’s’ programming. She volunteers for the Aspirations evening and cooking programs as well as fills the role of mentor, tutor, and friend for students. She acts as a key resource and liaison for volunteers interested in working with middle school students.

Destany aspires to both have her own physical therapy practice and establish a nonprofit organization that, “strives to push minorities and underrepresented groups to pursue science and health professions through higher education.” While she is majoring in neuroscience, Destany believes that she can utilize what she learns in the education department to help her become a more effective physical therapist. In her own words, “Considering basic concepts of teaching and learning can benefit any profession where people must work in groups…”

Destany’s favorite education classes at Bates have included: Perspectives on Education, Basic Concepts in Special Education, and Education, Reform, & Politics. She is grateful to have had the support of faculty in the Bates Education Department, who she describes as, “open-minded and non-judgmental.”

Next year Destany plans to attend a post-baccalaureate program for medical studies. She hopes to begin researching “how rehabilitative methodologies in private and public institutions differ in practice, and how they tend to hinder or benefit their prospective patients.”


Mira Carey Hatch

Mira Carey-Hatch

Mira Carey-Hatch is a Teacher Education minor and Chemistry major from Laconia, NH. She did not declare as a TE (Teacher Education) minor until her junior year, when her Perspectives on Education and Special Education courses led her to realize her passion for teaching. “I was taking Perspectives on Education and Special Education to complete one of my GECs,” she described. “As soon as I was taking these classes and in a fourth grade placement at Farwell Elementary School, I knew it was the career path I wanted to follow. I had always considered teaching as a potential career but it wasn’t until I was in a school that I knew it was what I really wanted to do.”

As a science major, Mira has put in a lot of work to complete both her field hours for education and lab requirements for chemistry; however, she is grateful to have had the support of the Bates Education Department. “The Education department provided me with a lot of encouragement to pursue this minor,” she explained. Being a Teacher Education minor means essentially acting as a student teacher in the community during your senior year. While this commitment might seem daunting, Mira describes it as one of her most valued experiences, “My favorite part about student teaching is being able to spend so much time in my school placement at Oak Hill High School.  In this placement, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop close relationships with the students in my class.”

Next year, Mira hopes to teach Chemistry at the high school level. She wants “to help students achieve their goals, whatever they may be” and “make chemistry a subject that students can find more enjoyment out of.” Mira is “really glad” she pursued Education through the TE Minor and highly encourages students interested in pursuing education to do the same.