Class of 2019

Zack Anderson ‘19 is a Teacher Education minor from Wexford, PA. Zack’s interest in studying education arose from his experience taking Perspectives on Education as a First Year.  He says he  “truly fell in love with the discipline after taking Mara Tieken’s course ED/SO 380 Education, Reform, and Politics.” Over the course of his time at Bates, he engaged in field placements at three Lewiston Elementary Schools, the Lewiston Public Library, and Lewiston High School. From this variety of placements he was able to see the spectrum of the educational experience in Lewiston and work with diverse groups of students, giving him an interesting perspective to look at the entire school system. During his year-long teacher education practicum teaching 11th-grade chemistry at Lewiston High School he was able to engage a wide variety of students with chemistry and make deep personal connections with the students.

After graduating from Bates, Zack will be teaching at the Bluebells International School in Delhi, India before starting a Fulbright ETA grant in Malaysia in January 2020. As a result of his experiences student teaching, following the Fulbright grant, Zack plans to return to the US and teach chemistry in a public high school and possibly pursue future graduate study in ELL Education or International and Comparative Education.


Claire Hammer ’19 is an Educational Studies minor who grew up in New York City and recently moved to Washington, DC. Claire became interested in minoring in Educational studies from the moment she was accepted to Bates. When she was a senior in high school, Claire had the opportunity to sit in on a Perspectives on Education class while visiting Bates, and “I completely fell in love with the class. I realized that this class was providing students with the opportunity to reflect on their own educational backgrounds and identities, while also learning about the larger systems that they were educated within, and I instantly wanted to come to Bates and take this course with Professor Tieken.”

During her time at Bates Claire has participated in a number of field placements in local elementary school classrooms, working with students in Gifted and Talented programs, as well as interning with Maine’s Department of Education in her senior year. Through these placements, she learned about how people working at all levels – teachers, school administrators, and state legislators – work to address educational inequities on a daily basis to ensure that their students succeed.

After graduation Claire will be serving as a member of AmeriCorps’ program City Year in Boston. “My Education minor has made me passionate about helping to create a more equitable public education system in the United States. I hope for my future plans to always incorporate this mission in one way or another.”

Class of 2018

Tory Dobbin ’18 was a Teacher Education minor from New Canaan, CT. She originally started college intending to attend medical school, but fell in love with the field of education during her first semester at college while tutoring local elementary school students.

After taking Perspectives on Education her first year, Tory explored more local teaching opportunities and declared a Teacher Education minor. Through her Teacher Education practicum in French Teaching, she was able to investigate and apply world language teaching practices with her students. After graduating from Bates, Tory is teaching French at The White Mountain School, a co-educational boarding school in Bethlehem, NH. She intends to pursue a graduate degree in Education or French Language Pedagogy.



Eliza Jimenez’18 was an Education Studies minor from Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to Bates, she experienced diverse educational backgrounds attending a parochial elementary school, an urban, performing arts middle school, and an independent, all-girls high school. Having a mother who is a school counselor, combined with her range of schooling experiences sparked her interest in the Education field.

While taking the class Perspectives on Education as a first-year at Bates, Eliza formed bonds with other students and the professors in the department that lasted and strengthened during her undergraduate years. As a Research Assistant for Professor Patti Buck she developed an article that explores the implementation of literature circles in ELL language arts classrooms. After graduating from Bates, Eliza will have a two-year fellowship to teach tenth-grade history at King’s Academy, a co-educational boarding school in Jordan. She intends to pursue a Master’s degree in Education or International Educational Development.

Class of 2017

Kate Berger ’17 was an Education Studies Minor from Newton, Massachusetts. She was a camp counselor before attending Bates and was inspired to take EDU 231: Perspectives on Education. She loved her freshman year field placement in a middle school literacy classroom and continued the placement for a full year after the course ended. When she took the course African Perspectives of Human Rights, Justice, and Renewal, she began a new community engaged placement at Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services. There she helped in beginner ESL classes and taught English as a second language. When she returned from abroad after fall of her junior year, she took a position as Patti Buck’s Research Assistant and wrote lesson plans for the weekend ESL classes at MIRS. The summer of 2016, she completed a teaching fellowship at MIRS, and taught Monday through Friday at MIRS with a wide range of students. She culminated her minor through writing about her experiences at MIRS as part of the Education Capstone Course. According to Kate, the relationships with the Education Department faculty have been the best part of her minor: they were great mentors to her inside and outside of the classroom. MIRS inspired Kate to continue teaching ESL after graduation. She has applied for the Fulbright ETA program as well as AmeriCorps.


Adam Rintell ’17 was an Education Studies Minor from Brookline, Massachusetts. Adam was originally drawn to the field of education because both his grandparents and parents were teachers. The strong emphasis on community engagement inspired Adam to pursue the Education minor at Bates. Since his freshman year, Adam has volunteered at Maine immigrant and Refugee Services (MIRS). Adam prepares individuals for the U.S. Citizenship Test by teaching the citizenship classes and conducting practice interviews. Adams favorite class at Bates was EDU 290 Educational Internship because it was a hands-on course with built-in feedback and support. He describes his internship at MIRS as a time when he learned more about responsibility and how to be an adult. His work at MIRS also complemented his interest in U.S. History and Politics. After graduating from Bates, Adam will pursue a full-time position in the financial group of a Biotech company. He hopes to enter this position with an open mind and seeks to apply the skills he gained through his education courses and placements to his position.