Queer Peer Mentors

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Queer Peer Mentors serve as role models and mentors for queer and questioning students at Bates and may be assigned specific mentees (individuals or group) to work with directly in a one-on-one relationship. Queer Peers Mentors provide a positive example in attitude, serving as confidants to other queer and questioning students on personal issues, and ensure queer & questioning students have access to and take advantage of all campus resources. In addition to being a regular visible presence at the Office of Intercultural Education, the Queer Peers are expected to have an interest in and ability to work with students across difference including sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, class, ability, religion, race and ethnicity. Mentors will create programs that will inform and support all students on Queer Issues.

Queer Peer Mentors 2013-14

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