OIE Peer Educators

Emily Gonzales

About Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! I am a sophomore interested in majoring in Politics. I am From Miami Florida but also Colombian and Cuban. I am happy to be a peer educator in the OIE and build a community. 

Alan Wang

About Alan

As a transfer student to Bates, I decided to work for OIE to better support students that are like me: international or first generation, perhaps a little perplexed about college life. It is only when all students feel welcomed we can truly foster a vibrant community. I major in Political Science and don’t hesitate to talk to me!

Aaron Martinez

About Aaron

Hey! My name is Aaron, I’m from Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian descent. I use He/Him pronouns and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a First-year at Bates College and I intend to major in Economics. My interests are fashion, design, photography, art, music, and food. I’m passionate about social justice, mindfulness, and creativity.

Leia Gallego-Calle

About Leia

Hi! I’m Leia and I’m currently a sophomore. I’m majoring in Politics with a concentration in Political Economy/International Relations, and double minoring in Chinese and Japanese. Outside of my studies, I enjoy singing, reading, and making food. Building a community for minorities and providing resources accessible is what I strive to do for the OIE. I’m very friendly and charismatic so feel free to stop by and say hello Im usually painting in the OIE space!

Jimmy Ndayikengurukiye

About Jimmy

I’m writing to introduce myself as one of your peer educators at the OIE. My name is Jimmy Ndayikengurukiye. I’m a sophomore from Phoenix Arizona majoring in Biochemistry. My hobbies are playing basketball, going to the gym, and listening to music. I plan to assist in making the OIE an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. I hope everyone’s semester is off to a great start and can’t wait to see you guys in the OIE.

Maggie Hillwig

About Maggie

Hi Everyone! I am Maggie (she/hers) and I am a sophomore. I am from outside of Baltimore, Maryland and play on the softball team here at Bates. I am majoring in math and minoring in Chinese. I hope to get to know you all soon. 

Aisatou Barry

About Aisatou

Hey everyone! My name is Aisatou, most people call me Aisy and I’m a junior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Education & Dance. I am from Harlem, NYC and I am one of the peer educators this year. Here at Bates, I am on the e-board for both the Africana club and the BSU. I am also an active member for the WOC club. Can’t wait to execute ideas with my team in order to make the OIE a safe and inclusive space for everyone to utilize.

Liya Simon

About Liya

Liya Simon (she/her) is an English major with a concentration in creative writing, the vice president of the campus literary magazine Snaggletooth, and the resident challah baker for the Jewish Student Union. She loves nature, literature, and any kind of passionate discussion. She chose the OIE because she wanted to meet new people on campus and make a positive impact wherever possible.