80 Class Secretary: Elizabeth Holmes Bradley, 90 Bardwell St., Lewiston, ME 04240-6006

Class President: Christine Tegeler Beneman, 105 Spurwink Rd., Scarborough, ME 04074, e-mail 7394605@mcimail.com

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Class secretary Beth Holmes Bradleynow teaches math at Lewiston High School including courses in pre-algebra, algebra II and geometry…. Daphne Topouzisand husband Guenter Hemrich have been living in Mwingi, Kenya, in a remote rural area. He works on a food security project for German Technical Cooperation and she is a consultant, socio-economist, for the United Nations. This year they intend to settle in Rome, Italy. Daphne would like to hear from former roommate Betsy Smith, other Parker Hall residents, and former volleyball mates.
81 Class Secretary: Ellen True DiCerbo, 28 Clive St., Worcester, MA 01603- 2152, e-mail edicerbo@ecs.ultranet.com

Class President: Craig E. Comins, 37 Fearing Rd., Hingham, MA 02043 fundr@specialolympicsma.org

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu !
82 Co-Class Secretaries: Thomas E. Campbell and Lori Norman Campbell, 22 Jackson St., Portland, ME 04103-2206, e-mailtom_campbell@mailbox.wayn.pvt.k12.me.us

Class President:Richard R. Regan, Hart and Regan, 37 Court St., Bath, ME 04530, e-mail hartregan@ime.net

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Jerry Donahoe recently returned from treks through the mountains of Patagonia and e-mailed his account. “I hiked and camped amidst stunning mountain scenery and survived wind gusts of up to 100 mph, though my tent was not so lucky. While in South America, I also joined a 10-day voyage from Tierra del Fuego across the Drake Passage (30-foot seas) to the Antarctic peninsula on a former Soviet research vessel. While exploring the glacial shores of Antarctica, a wind shift caused icebergs and ice flows to block our Zodiac’s return to the vessel — requiring a delicate rescue mission by the vessel. Perhaps my most unique dining experience ever was eating steak, prawn, and lamb at an on-deck barbecue during a snowstorm, as the ship rested in the icy waters of a bay created by a sunken caldera (volcano).”
83 Class Secretary: Leigh Peltier, 48 Whitin Ave., Warwick, RI 02888- 2014

Class President: Mary E. Couillard, 64 Fremont St., Somerville, MA 02145- 1435 e-mailmcouillard@infonet.tufts.edu

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Thanks to all who made the effort and came to Reunion last June. We think that all who attended had an outstanding time and most everyone made it at least once to the Blue Goose, where the only thing that’s changed is the man behind the bar. We were fortunate enough to be assigned “the Village” for our residence during the weekend. These three dormitories are the newest on campus and are at the edge of the football field, close to Wentworth Adams Hall. For our Friday night ice-breaker we had fun learning who came the farthest to attend Reunion, who had changed the most, or the least, and whose step-child was denied admission to Bates. Our theme, “Bates, the way life used to be,” was very appropriate because we all spent a lot of time laughing and enjoying the company of people that we hadn’t seen in a long time. (I believe there even were several hangovers just like the good old days.) A little rain didn’t dampen the Alumni Parade on Saturday, and our Saturday night banquet with the classes of 1982 and 1984 was a great success. To all who came, we appreciate it very much, and hope you will all convince another classmate who wasn’t there to come to the 20th.
84 Co-Class Secretaries: Lisa Quintal Loeb, 333 Christian St., Wallingford, CT 06492 e-mail dloeb@choate.edu ; Linda Webster, A22 Montgomery Court Apartments, 214 Price Ave., Narbeth, PA 19072, e-mail linda.webster@smed.com

Class President: Charles J. Richardson Jr., 42 Kieve Rd., Nobleboro, ME 04555-0169

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for news. It’s always great to hear from fellow ’84ers, friends old and new. >From Valley Glen, Calif., Ginny Addison Siegler writes, “It’s been a busy year — what else is new.” In her “spare” time, Ginny works as a casting consultant; however, mostly she’s at home with her boys: Jesse and Dylan. Both are in their second year of pre-school (different classes). Jesse begins kindergarten next fall, with Dylan following in 2000. Husband Ben starred in a play in November and was due to appear in a Christmas special, Chicken Soup for the Soul. As if that’s not enough, he also has the male lead in a Lifetime movie called Different airing in April. Besides acting, Ben is also writing the screen play for Left Behind, based on the best-selling novel, as well as writing his own screen plays. Congratulations to Ben and Ginny celebrating 10 years of marriage. Congratulations also to Bill Bell (Bill_Bell@dta.state.ma.us) and Susan, for celebrating nine years together. Bill recently celebrated his fifth year as the assistant commissioner for administration and finance with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance. On the domestic front, their sons, Andrew (7) and Colin (3), continue to grow and prosper. Bill notes that he enjoyed the 15th Reunion and the opportunity to be with fellow classmates….Cherry Bennett and life partner Amy Grose have entered the world of home ownership: “After saving and surviving in a small apartment for years we finally bought our own home in North Andover, Mass. Now we understand the woes and wonders of home ownership. It’s wonderful to put in perennials and know we’ll be here to see them bloom in the spring!” Cherry teaches physical education and theater in the Danvers school system. This winter, she will direct a production of Annie in the middle school with more than 200 children involved. Amy enters her eighth year as a pediatric oncology social worker at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital in Boston. She works with families and children with cancer and continues to find this challenging and rewarding…. Home ownership is soon to come to Steffani Catanese Lomax (steffani.lomax@tivoli.com) and her husband. They’re building a house in Marlboro, Mass., which, if all goes right, will have been completed by Christmas. Steffani works as an account manager for Tivoli Systems, a subsidiary of IBM. It wouldn’t be Steffani if she weren’t still playing tennis. She won three USTA women’s singles titles this year and will be ranked in New England in 1999. Recently, she visited with Kathy Evans Wisner, and her new daughter, Emily…. From sunny California, we hear fromCheryl Croteau Orr (c.orr@mpglaw.com): “Reunion was great fun! It was good to catch up with those who made the effort to attend, including many from third-floor Page — the coed experiment our freshmen year. Thanks to Charlie andAnnie Richardson and Lisa Quintal Loeb for all their hard work! Special hellos to Leslie Yim Walters, Liz Salvo McBreen, and Donna Messer Climo, all of whom I missed terribly at Reunion.” Cheryl continues to practice law as a partner at Musick, Peller and Garrett in Los Angeles, specializing in appeals. Juggling work and the demands of her household (husband Steve, sons Matthew and William, and Rex the favorite dog) is sometimes anxiety producing, but well worth the efforts on all fronts…. Another ’84er adjusting the work/home balance is Ann Dean O’Connor. From Merrimack, N.H., she decided after 14 years as a paralegal to retire to become a full-time mom to Jim (6), Holly (5), and littlest angel, Samantha, born Nov. 6, 1998. Congratulations on her arrival! Ann is discovering it’s hectic being a hockey and gymnastics mom and would love to hear from any other stay-at-home moms…. Michelle Duer O’Brien(mobirne04@snet.net) writes from Tolland, Conn., that “not much” is new. She continues her work at Charles Schwab in Hartford. “Am now a boring suburbanite complete with husband, house, dog, toddler, and grown-up car!”… Congratulations to Rich Emrich (rmemrich@hewitt.com) on the birth of their third child, Steven, born March 25, 1998. Steven joins siblings Brian (6) and Nora (4), who are jealous of the attention and demands of an infant. Rich has changed jobs, working now at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire, Ill., where he drives by Michael Jordan’s house twice daily. If that’s not enough, he was working out with some of the Bulls during the recent lockout. “Best regards to all my classmates, especially Jane, Sarah, Colin, Brad and Jim. I miss you!”…Amy Frankenburg writes: “Husband Rob and I are living in Scotland. We have been over here for almost two years working for British Petroleum in exploration and production. Rob is a geologist and I work as an engineer. We are here on a three-to- five-year securement and hope to transfer back to our home in Anchorage, Alaska, when our jobs are finished here. We are taking advantage of the generous European vacation allotment and have been traveling, traveling, traveling. We’ve been to Thailand, trekking in Nepal, Tanzania, Ireland, France, and Norway, as well as all over Scotland. Still hope to make more trips to Africa, Turkey, and Iceland.” She still keeps contact with Laura Simmons Jones and Steve Whitaker, both of whom attend her wedding in May 1995…. Congratulations to John and Peg Galant(galantfrat@aol.com) on the birth of their daughter, PJ, on May 20, 1998. John’s pediatric practice continues to grow but doesn’t bring near as much joy as PJ…. From Waterloo, Maine, we hear that the joys of motherhood and family life have come to Maureen Graves Anderson (anderson@mix-net.net) whose daughter, Helen, will be 2 in February, when she’s expecting her second child. Maureen quit her job last winter to focus on family and finishing her master’s degree in human factors psychology at the Univ. of Idaho, via distance education. She is performing in a dance, choreographed by a local artist, about Barbie dolls versus real women. At six-months pregnant, she was one of the real women!… Also from Maine, we hear from Karen Hamilton: “Having experienced married life, I’ve now opted for the completely single life. After a serious period of adjustment (don’t try this at home folks!), I’ve now decided this is good. I’m even in the market for a house. Otherwise, job is work; no kids, cats. I seeMarian Butler ’83 regularly, Alex Johnston, George Abbott, Reed Altemus sporadically; still want to hear fromLiz Drolet. Life is good!”… The Houde family writes from Yorktown, Va., after their move from Massachusetts. Johnfinished residency in orthopedic surgery at UMass Medical Center in June. He is now an orthopedic surgeon on active duty at Langley Air Force Base. John and Jennifer (Rybeck)’86 (rybeckhoude@worldnet.att.net) have two beautiful girls: Nel (4/17/96) and Georgia (4/4/98). John writes: “I haven’t been corresponding often, but Bates is never far from our thoughts. All our best to everyone.” And also to you, John….Julie Jackson (jjackson@mullen.com) works and loves it at Mullen Advertising and Public Relations in Wenham, Mass. Some of her accounts include Polartec (Malden Mills), Dexter Shoe, and L.L. Bean Kids…. Live from Chicago, Timothy Jones is having a great time in the Windy City. There’s a small contingency from those rival schools who get together periodically. During the summer,
TJ had dinner with John Murchison ’88 in West Hollywood, and also with Veronica Valentine ’85 in Boston. He and wife, Maxine Dixon ’88 are expecting their first child. Congratulations to the future graduate of the class of 2020!… Warm congratulations also toVivienne Kaye West (rkvkwest@aol.com) on the birth of her second child, Lucy Rebecca, who joined her big brother Thomas, now 4, in August. She writes, “We continue to be happily settled in suburban New Jersey, where I am at home with the two children. I see Ruth Slocum, who lives with her family in Ridgewood, and still in touch with Patrice Saveryin Seattle.”… Lori Kimball graduated in May 1998 with a master’s degree in clinical counseling from the University of Southern Maine. She is currently a full-time mom, enjoying the toddler years of her 3-year-old, Trevor. She also finished general contracting on her new house (fondly called “the castle”), and moved in last July. She invites fellow Batesies to stay if they’re ever in Maine on the ocean and looking for a view!…. After a stint in upstate New York, we hear from Donand Heather Wygant McDonough. They left New York and Ryan Homes for northern Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati. Don is a division manager for Fischer Homes and loves the new job. Heather continues to manage house and three active children. They have a competitive cheerleader and a traveling hockey player so they don’t have much free time. Don plays in a men’s league hockey team. They invite anyone traveling through or near Cincinnati to stop by…. Brian McGrory was recently named by The Boston Globe to fill Mike Barnicle’s prime columnist spot on the Metro/Region pages, which prompted The Improper Bostonian to comment: “In the local newspaper world, where there has been a return to reality among Globe columnists trying to tell compelling stories without making them up, McGrory scores very high. The 36-year old Roslindale native is a cool, classically trained journalist as comfortable chasing a story about the president of the United States as he would be writing about a Chelsea bookmaker who might have bought a pardon from the president. McGrory knows about the human predicament….”…We hear from Jim and Sue Kempton Mulholland (jsmiii@worldnet.att.net) from sunny Florida, where Jim was recently elected to the board of trustees of Saint Edward’s School of Vero Beach. The school is a private school serving the needs of 850 children, aged pre-kindergarten through 12th grade…. Still enjoying Palo Alto, Calif., Karen Palermo Saxena (karen@cccpp.com) continues her work at the same educational software company where she has been for the last eight years. She also volunteers for the PTA and in her children’s classrooms. She has three children: fifth grade, second grade, and pre-school. She is race director for the third annual Juana Run, a major fund-raiser for their school. “Come run if you are in Palo Alto on January 17th!” And it wouldn’t be Karen if she herself weren’t running. She’s training for a marathon now that triathalon season is over. Good luck to you and your knees…. Dan Pierce writes from Amesbury, Mass., where he is program director of the WGIR Action News Network, which consists of three stations: WGIR-AM in Manchester, N.H.; WGIN- AM in Rochester, N.H.; and WGIP-AM in Exeter, N.H. He hosts a radio show from 9 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, and a weekly political roundup on WMVR-TV, plus makes regular appearances on Channel 9’s Close UP, which airs on Sundays. Wife Lisa and 2-year-old daughter KC enjoy their new house. “While mowing almost an acre of lawn is a chore, it’s worth it when I relax on the deck with a beverage and look across my domain. (The garage ain’t bad either!)”… In New York,Artemis Preeshl is on the national tour of Moliere’s French farce, Tartuffe. They tour from Massachusetts to Florida, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, and New York. The production is bilingual, just one of her jobs that enable her to use her French degree! She also has appeared as Emily in Our Town; Shelby in Steel Magnolias, and Isabella in Measure for Measure. For the past two years, she has worked as executive and managerial assistant to Ronald A. Wilford, president of Columbia Artists Management, managing artist availability, statements, and contracts for many well-known performers. Husband Richard Steinberg teaches yoga…. For co-secretaryLisa Quintal Loeb (dloeb@choate.edu), fall included a bat mitzvah, continued teaching positions at Kingswood/Oxford School in West Hartford (where Lisa coached cross country for the first time) and, for Dave, at Choate Rosemary Hall. Their children are growing up fast. Jonah is 10 and wants to be a major league baseball player, while Hannah (8) wants to be on Broadway…. Carolyn and John Raitt(john.raitt@altec.com, F1straitt@aol.com) send greetings from the Lansing, Mich., area, where they’ve been for the last five years. They have three cats: Smokey, General Sterling, and Sebastian. “We’ve been out here long enough to become Midwesterners. We do miss the East, though, and visit family as much as possible, especially our son Ian James, who is buried in Boston.” We are all sorry to hear your sad news. John and Carolyn conclude their letter with an open invitation for anyone in or traveling through Michigan: “Please look us up. We would love to hear from you.”… The following noteworthy letter came from David Richards(davidr@somtel.com): “During a recent visit to Bates, I had the opportunity to address a class studying 19th- century U.S. history. My foremost impression was how much, and yet how little, Bates has changed in the 15 years since we graduated. History House still looks virtually the same and the history faculty still looks very familiar. With the notable exception of the audiovisual equipment and computer lab, Libbey Forum has changed little, too. I suspect the prevalence of the computer may be the greatest change that has come to campus since our departure. Given the indispensability of the computer in my life now, it is astounding that I managed to get through Bates only having to use a computer a few times for one course. The building boom on campus has yielded Olin Arts Center, Underhill Arena, and the Residential Village, plus renovation to Carnegie Science Hall since our departure. The Taj Mahal — otherwise known as the new Academic Building [now Pettengill Hall; see story in On & Off] — rises along the shores of Lake Andrews. Its towering scale and striking form will likely make it the centerpiece of the campus, both academically and architecturally, for many years to come. My contact with students was too brief to determine definitively how they compare with us. A friend of mine who teaches at Bates says the student body strikes her as being fairly socially aware and politically active. Despite the briefness of the interaction, I can report with certainty that the students I met were attentive, polite (they certainly didn’t applaud the presentation because it was so outstanding), and conscientious (how many of us would have bothered to attend a class on the day Thanksgiving break commenced?). I especially enjoyed the chat I had with a senior after class. At work on his thesis, he exhibited exemplary enthusiasm for his project. Searching for the proper words of encouragement to inspire him, I found myself remarking that my less-than-100 page Bates thesis had been infinitely harder to write and defend than my nearly 600-page dissertation. As I uttered the comment, I realized that I was echoing nearly verbatim an observation I had heard then-Dean of Admissions Bill Hiss ’66 (he’s now a College VP) make about his own academic experience, and knew that my wisdom, maturity — and agedness — were showing. My brief return to the alma mater made me appreciat
e how much I have changed over the past decade and, more to the point, how much my enduring Bates experience has changed me. For that, I give thanks!” Thank you indeed for sharing your impressions. Many of us have felt similarly…. Eliza Richardsmarried Raul Aguilar in September 1998. They met while doing doctoral work at the Univ. of Michigan. Eliza has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position in the English department at Boston Univ., where she will be teaching American literature (through 1900) with a specialization in poetry. Raul will be teaching in the mathematics department there…. Martha Roberts Wolfenden(wolfenden@netway.com) gave birth to their sixth child (and second son) in August! Her oldest is 10. Martha is very busy shuffling from one activity to another. Besides maintaining some semblance of serenity at home, Martha is involved in the children’s school and tutors privately. “My life is extremely busy and often times chaotic, but I couldn’t be happier! My children are my life’s greatest pleasure!” Great that you had a free minute to respond…. From Missouri, John Sloan(jsloan1001@aol.com) echoes those sentiments: “This has been an extremely eventful year. Our son Mark Thomas was born on May 5. We now have three children: Jack (5), Claire (2), and Mark. Nancy and I have changed jobs in the past six months. I work for Linco Research (a biotech company specializing in diabetes and obesity research), which was recently honored as one of the fastest growing companies in the St. Louis area. Nancy left her position in the ER and has joined inpatient care, a group providing coverage at several hospitals. So between jobs, kids, and a 90-year-old house, we barely have time to sit down, but we are planning an East Coast trip in 1999.”… Ginny Voigt (vev@aol.com) married Carroll Canipe in October 1994. Subsequent births of Sarah Allison in March 1996 and Christopher Holmes in January 1998 has kept her engaged and engrossed, so “news” to Bates is last on the priority list. She continues her career as a psychotherapist at a community mental health center in Baltimore and part-time private practice. She enjoys raising her children, living in the suburbs, and working in the city. “I’d like to say a special hello to all old friends from Bates ’79 to ’84, and invite anyone to contact me.”… As for me, Linda Webster (linda.webster@smed.com), I live in a quaint small town in suburban Philadelphia that reminds me very much of Portland (except for the ocean). I work as a systems analyst for Shared Medical Systems, a worldwide computer company with medical applications. I returned to school for a degree in medical record management, graduating in 1994, and somehow found my way to the computer industry. It’s been a good year for travel, including my first visit to London with my family. Additionally, I tested mettle against pedal on a biking excursion through Glacier Park, Mont. The 12-mile, uphill Going to the Sun Road was nothing compared to the four-mile, 4,000-foot climb to Chief Mountain at 10,000 feet! It was also a good year for Bobcat weddings: My cousin,Mark McSherry ’80 married on Cape Cod and hosted a summer gala with other Bobcats in attendance. This fall, I, along with several Bobcats, attended Diane Olivera ’85’s wedding…. Mary Wright writes from California: “In June, I bid a sad goodbye to the state of Maine as husband Mike, two children, and I have moved to Southern California. While I won’t miss the ice storms, I’ll miss my former students in Brunswick and fall in New England.” Mike’s new position allows Mary time at home with Lauren (2) and Truman (6), at least for a few years. Mary says that this is the first move made without the help of fellow Batesies Yain Lu, David Braslau,or the Needham- Wood family! She laments their absence to be the cause of so many broken items!
85 Class Secretary: Iben Ostergaard Jensen Eld, 150 Hunters Ridge Rd., Concord, MA 01742-4718

Class President: Colleen J. Quint, 26 Hadfield Rd., Minot, ME 04258, e-mail cquint@bates.edu

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! A year ago, Christi and Gregory Fisher adopted their son Nicholai (3 1/2) from Siberia, Russia. “He hopes to be the first Russian Bobcat football player in Bates history!” Baby sister Helena was born last April…. At the School of Oriental and African Studies at the Univ. of London, Stephen P. Hughes is a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Wife Sarah is an honorary fellow at Wellome Trust.
86 Class Secretary: Catherine Lathrop Strahan, 57 Lawton Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 e-mail strahans@aol.com

Class President: Christopher J. Poulin, 66 Boxwood Cir., Milford, NH 03055- 3000 e-mail mailto:cjpoulin@dmb.com

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Michael Goldberg, Ph.D., was elected treasurer of the Society of Clinical Psychology. Michael supervises psychology at Boston Children’s Hospital and is an instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School. He also is director of Child and Family Psychological Services Inc. of Norwood, Mass.
87 Class Secretary: James J. Kircaldie, 64 Vineyard Rd., North Haven, CT 06473

Class President: Paula M. Colahan, 109 Water St., Apt. 406, Tuck’s Point, Beverly, MA 01915, e-mailcolahan@cleo.bc.edu

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Attorney Todd Holbrook has joined the Philadelphia law firm of Woodcock Washburn as an associate and will focus on patent litigation. With more than five years of litigation experience, he has been lead trial counsel in several bench and jury trials. In 1994 he co-authored a paper on “Discrimination and the Ethical Codes” with Maine’s Chief Justice Daniel E. Wathen. Prior to law school at Univ. of Michigan, Todd taught high school science in New Hampshire; he also had taught math and science for economically disadvantaged students at Upward Bound, UMaine- Farmington, and lab physics at Wesleyan Univ., where he earned his master’s in physics. He is a member of the Maine and Massachusetts bar…. We congratulate Scott Williamson, the first faculty member at Louisville (Ky.) Seminary to hold the Robert H. Walkup chair as assistant professor in theological ethics. Last September at the seminary’s convocation, Scott presented an address, “Remaking Eden: The Ethics of Reproductive Genetics.” Since 1993 he had taught at Yale Divinity School and Yale College in the areas of biomedical and modern moral ethics. He earned his Ph.D. from Yale Divinity School in May 1998. A Congregational minister and United Methodist Crusade Scholar, he was pastor of the Black Church at Yale, an interdenominational church that worships in the African-American tradition.
88 Class Secretary: Mary Capaldi Carr, 5778 First Landing Way, Burke, VA 22015 , e-mail mcarr@signlanguage.com

Class President: Darius Shahinfar, Apt. 3F, 325 State St., Albany, NY 12210- 1252 e-mail dondarius@mailexcite.com

Next Reunion in 2004. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! Catherine Adams Jordan loves her job as clinical social worker and supervisor at the Oxford Hills unit of Tri-County Mental Health. Daughter Molly Mae (2) keeps her very busy and is learning new words every day…. Tom and Lisa Beck Rogers moved back to New Hampshire from Seattle in December 1997. Lisa devotes her time to children Griffin (5 1/2) and Hannah (3 1/2)…. Kaja Beenhouwer Reynolds and husband Dave ’86 were expecting their second child (due January 1999) and find it hard to believe their first daughter is now 4! They love Colorado Springs and Kaja’s pottery business is doing well, but they often think of moving back to Maine…. Also in Colorado Springs is Ellen Besse Susman, who is working part time as the assistant to the collegiate women’s director of the Navigators and is trying to finish her Ph.D. in educational psychology. She and husband Randy were expecting their first child in February. Ellen writes, “We love company and have a guest room if anyone needs a place to stay.”… More news from Colorado: Chris and Catherine Briggs- Halelive in a log house near Pikes Peak. Their second daughter, Olivia, was born in April. Catherine consults for Discovery Toys, and Chris attends the Univ. of Denver to obtain his principal’s license and is still teaching second grade…. In New Hampshire, Colleen Brolin-Eddy has found that being laid off two years ago from her position in wholesale mortgage banking was a “blessing in disguise.” Colleen loves the chance to get to know her 3-year-old son!…. Mary Capaldi Carrwas promoted to vice president of client services at Sign Language Associates Inc. “But enough about me. Back to typing these notes.”… In New Hampshire, Sue Chalifoux and husband Doug Ireland are expecting their second child. Daughter Erika Grace is amost 3. Sue wonders, “What are a few more years of sleepless nights?!”… Bronia Clifton and Jason Burns have a 5- month-old daughter, Ripley Lydia Burns. Bronia has been working at the state and local level for affordable housing and economic development in Massachusetts. Jason has accepted a job at the new proton treatment facility at Mass General Hospital…. Patrick Collinsworks as a plant manager at EMC Corp. He and wife Martha will celebrate their 10-year anniversary in August and have three daughters: Megan (6), Erin (4), and Brenna (1)…. Nancy Dobrolet and Richard Bjork have been living in Pittsburgh for the past year. Richard has adapted his chemistry degree to the kitchen as cook and assistant pastry chef at a French restaurant. Nancy is in the midst of her pediatric cardiology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh…. Jane Davis Kern is entering her ninth year of coaching field hockey at the University of the South, where husband Matt coaches men’s soccer. Son Brooks is 4…. Astrid Delfino Bernard is on maternity leave with son Ian, born July 5. Astrid is getting used to not sleeping!… While teaching at BU,Lynn Dolberg pursues a doctorate in American literature and works on the Creativity and Leadership Project at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. She and husband John Rossicontinue to renovate their house and are building a 15-foot rowing and sailing skiff. John works at CBT Architects in Boston. Tana, their black dog, also Bates ’88, enjoys visiting with Jen Harris, Chris and Melissa Frost, Chris Hummel,Rob Grenier, and Vic Salvo ’87…. Amy Dowd Bartholomewworks full time as a large- and small-animal vet. She and Rick considered a move to Idaho, but the trees of Vermont are keeping them at home. Writing last fall, Amy said she was “due to calve on Dec. 15.”… Howard Fine switched jobs in 1997 and now covers state and local government for the Los Angeles Business Journal…. Kelly Fitzpatrick Martin enjoys being a full-time mom to daughters Elisa and Madeline. Since Reunion, she and husband Randy have had lots of summer visitors taking advantage of their proximity to Bar Harbor and Arcadia…. “Is anyone still fencing?” asks Doug Galpin.Entering the precarious world of self- employment, Doug is now a full-time fencing coach. He’s a little concerned about this career move since “young noblemen no longer duel or go to war with swords.” But he’s lined up work at both Wellesley and Wheaton colleges…. Kathleen Gavin van Zyl lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa, with husband Gerrie. Kathy and Gerrie met as grad students at MIT’s Sloan School of Management…. Ann Harrington Shilling and husbandGeoff are hard at work at Microsoft. Geoff finished a boat-building sabbatical and went back to work in November as a product unit manager. Ann continues a software localization head. Their talented cats help Geoff keep house!… Emily Heller Segal lives in NYC with husband Meny and their 6-month-old son, Lior, who is doing well after being born six weeks prematurely. He’s the apple of his parents’ eyes. Emily will be attending the Bates Modern Dance Co. reunion in March, celebrating 30 years of dance at Bates…. Linnea Hensley Van Hercke was looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom after the birth of daughter Hensley Victoria. Hope she and Hal get enough rest to use their first “season” ski pass!… Alan Issokson has started his own insurance agency in Boston. After about a year of frustration, he and wife Wendy moved into their new home. It still needs painting, but 3-year-old Leah loves all the space and now does not wake up when little sister Lindsay cries. If you need home or auto insurance, call Alan!… Andrew and Tish Janerich Rimmer moved back to Maine from Salt Lake City last March with sons Patrick (3), Matthew (18 months), and newborn Jonathan…. Alan andElizabeth Kimball Williams live in England with their growing family of Owen (6), Graham (3), and Lawrence (or Lawrie) (1 1/2). Elizabeth looks after the boys full time and is considering returning to school for a master’s degree in education. Their house has a spare room so “anyone needing a bed for a night or two or three while in the UK is welcome.”… By the time these notes are printed, Patricia “Trish” Knapp Weber will have returned to her job as director of marketing for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Daughter Madison was born Sept. 2 and has been kind and quickly learned to sleep six to seven hours a night! Psst, Scott Dickey, if it’s true that you helped launch the ESPNZone in Baltimore, please call Trish next time you are in town!… In September, Barbara Leahey Sullivan and daughter Maggie moved into their new home in Virginia Beach, Va., and Mary Capaldi Carr was thrilled to be her first overnight house guest…. Betsy Leavitt is the art director at a small startup, Simply Media, in Waltham, Mass., publisher of the Survival Kit Series, a group of personal finance guides. She says, “Thank you Darius Shahinfar for orchestrating such a fabulous Reunion!”… Kelly Lees‘s life has been packed with business travel. Working in Washington, D.C., as a political appointee for the federal government, Kelly is the media relations advisor for the U.S. Information Agency. She lives on Capitol Hill with her 10-month-old basset hound, Jasper…. Shocking news from Steven Lewis: He’s moving to Idaho — yes it’s true — leaving Florida to follow wife Michelle, who accepted a new job at Idaho State Univ. in Pocatello. Book y
our ski reservations now: Steve and Michelle live two hours away from Jackson Hole and Sun Valley…. Susan Lyons looks forward to living and working in the same city for the first time in many years. Susan has taken a job at Level 3 Communications, a startup company with headquarters in Denver, Colo…. Patrick McNamara has been living in Montreal for three years. He’s a senior customs inspector with the U.S. Customs Service. He has a 4-year-old daughter, Courtney…. Mary Alice Morency Boone enjoys staying home with Mitchell John and big brother Andrew (2)…. After two years doing postdoc work in Sweden, plant ecologistChrista Mulder accepted a job as a lecturer in Wellington, New Zealand. Christa, her partner, and two dogs moved last February and she has been getting used to a new continent, new system, new vegetation, teaching, and having graduate students…. Deb and Paul Murphy welcomed Madison Crane Murphy into their lives on April 22, 1998. Paul received his master’s in 1996 from UNH and is at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., running a dorm, coaching swimming, and teaching all flavors of math…. Susan Otto Goodell teaches third grade at a wonderful elementary school in rural Vermont. The best part of her life is her 14-month-old son Carter, a constant source of amusement and entertainment…. Suzana Palaic and husband David Sparling celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in August and bought a bungalow near Venice Beach last year. Dave recently finished his sixth script for Nulmage Productions and Suzana is an interior designer for Poet Design Co. in West Hollywood. They extend their thanks to Erik Kondo ’87 and Todd Coleman for visiting…. Microsoft just released PhotoDraw 2000 — the product thatSusan Pappalardo has been working on — the first business graphics application to be produced by Microsoft. Despite injuries that have temporarily sidelined her running, Sue still competes as the swimmer/biker in area team triathlons…. Jill Pralle is grateful that she went to Reunion because she is now on Julian Jarvis’ e-mail list for jokes. “Do you actually do anything at work, Julian, other than sending out these gems?” Jill is switching her focus from theater to writing and has plans for a guide book on New York City…. Candace Reister MacLean has two beautiful kids, Connor (4 1/2) and Madison (2), and is a retirement plan administrator in the working world…. Chris Riff has returned to the Knox School in New York after being an exchange program physics teacher at Bedstone College in England last fall. Chris caught a Yankees game in last spring with Joe Miller, Seth Weber and Rob Sachs. “The only bad part of the day was that the Yankees failed to lose.”… Mitch Rosen received his master’s and D.D.S. and is doing a residency in Houston. He has published two papers and enjoys boating on the weekends. If you’re in Texas, give Mitch a call. “I’ll buy you a cowboy hat and go line dancing — it is actually a blast!”… Kathryn Sabadosa and husband Bob Burnham spent last summer after Reunion hiking and camping. They hiked Mount Washington withAndy Mallio and Kristi Bates and spent Labor Day at Benton Fest in New Hampshire with Gil and Laura Smith Richardson…. Class president Darius Shahinfar finally is back on a normal sleep schedule after Reunion! Darius graduated from Albany Law School in 1997 and works for a New York state senator as her legal counsel…. Liz Shaw Machiele finished her commitment to the Navy to pay back medical school and is in her last two years of pediatric residency in Rochester, N.Y. She and her husband bought a house in April and she is happy to say life is good with daughters Emily Anne (3 1/2) and Morgan Elizabeth (1 1/2)….Rick Schiffmann still works in Boston for Dove Associates in their cable and media practice. He looks forward to another season at Mad River Glen and would “love to hear from anyone and everyone except Darius.”… Laura Smith Richardson needs career ideas. She resigned from Ram Printing on April Fool’s Day and now carries a business card certifying that she is indeed a Domestic Goddess…. Tracy Camenisch-Smith and husband Roman still lives in Switzerland and are renovating their new home. Tracy is “going a bit crazy” with school, too much work, and too many business trips. “I really enjoyed seeing so many fun people at Reunion in June.”… The same post-Reunion sentiment is echoed by Ann Marie Spencer Miller, who reports “no major life changes, same house, same job.” Her first child is in kindergarten, the second in preschool, and the third is busy making her “when-I-get-bigger list.”… Chip and Marla Sterling LeBlanc are heavy into soccer and hockey schedules. Sons Michael and Christopher are in third and first grade. Marla and Chip continue to do landscaping jobs around their home and enjoy living in Maine…. Jim Stern is an attorney in Syracuse, N.Y. At Reunion, Jim loved that he was assigned a fourth-floor room in Adams, where he lived freshman year. “I actually had a girl in the room!” After Reunion, Jim and wife Farah spent a month in France on vacation…. Mark and Jen Stevens Spatz were married in August. They live in Seattle, and Jen would love to hear from any Pacific Northwest Batesies. She works for Sea Fare Expositions and recently traveled to China…. The past few years have been rather intense for Michael Stiefel, who recently received his law degree in Italy. He works for an Italian law firm based in Rome and Milan…. Mark Stormssends word that he continues his quest to perfect the slacker lifestyle. He lives in Colorado and specializes in “non-motivational speaking seminars.” The complete text of his seminar will appear in the class letter…. After teaching science for six years, Jane Sumner Richardson has returned to teaching math. Her son Spencer is 1…. Halsey and Julie Sutherland-Platt report that Owen Alexander Lyon Platt was born Aug. 31 and weighed “a whopping 10 pounds, 8.5 ounces.” At long last, their sailboat was launched in August, and Halsey’s business continues to be blessed with more work than they know what to do with!… Jonathan Terhunecontinues to practice dentistry in Franklin, N.H. He and wifePamela (Guay) ’86 report that son Aidan was born June 30. “He only took two hours start to finish to be born.” Pamela is now staying home with him and big brother Conor….Adrienne Terry D’Olimpio had a great time at Reunion. She and Doug are working on their house. He coaches varsity football and has promised to go to the 15-year Reunion. “I would love to hear from Slim and Shark!”… Allison Trowbridge Rowe is approaching her third year working with autistic children at the May Center. She says it’s very rewarding to see the progress children make when they receive intensive services at an early age…. Piep Van Heuven works at Ithaca College as head lacrosse and assistant field hockey coach. Last spring, her lacrosse team played Bates at Springfield College. The Bombers prevailed 12-8 in a spirited match…. John ’86 and Kristi Wesslen Weiner are happily living in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Kristi is the southwest regional director of CMP Media Inc. She misses everything about the East Coast except the weather and sends hellos to PJ and Martha….”I can’t believe how great Reunion was. Anyone who missed it made a big mistake,” writes Lenny Wi
who has his own business doing hospital information systems programming. He sees a lot of Bates friends and will be skiing at his place at Sunday River as often as he can this winter….Dan Woodruff lives in Alaska with wife Anne and children Emma and Ian. Recently they were reminded that Alaska is a bit different from the rest of the country, when they awoke to find moose prints and seeds scattered around a missing Halloween pumpkin!… David Young sends his regards to his fellow classmates and regrets not being able to attend the Reunion. Since August he has been teaching psychology and world history at Hendersonville High School outside of Asheville, N.C…. Laura Young Connelly and husband Bryan are loving parenthood with new daughter Katie, born Aug. 9. Laura received the Distinguished Young Alumni Award at Reunion.
89 Class Secretary: Ruth D. Thompson, 14 Leafwood Cir., San Rafael, CA 94901 e-mail RUTHT2@aol.com

Class President: Elizabeth D. Katz, 15 Tiffany Rd.,Apt. 12, Salem, NH 03079- 3671

Next Reunion in 1999. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu ! ! Living in the Seattle area, Christy Bahn recently became a home owner. She is a producer on Microsoft Expedia.com, a free on-line travel service on the Web…. At Amherst College, Cal Bassett is assistant dean of students and assistant director of the career centers. Previously she was co- director of admissions at Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, N.H. Husband Lewis Goff teaches English at Landmark College…. After seven years in the banking business, Colin Browning works in the world of interactive media as a consultant for USWeb…. Cathy Burke Rowe is very much involved in events and fund raising for Covenant House in NYC. She also is co-chair of the 10th Reunion Gift Committee…. Michael Byerly is a project manager at Avid Technology in Tewksbury, Mass…. At a firm in Cambridge, Mass., Cheryl Cameron is an attorney specializing in real estate and estate planning…. In Manchester, N.H., Heather Carson works as a program coordinator and adult education teacher for an Even Start program…. In the Boston area, Juliet Chase teaches high school English and works in the theater department at The Rivers School, an independent day school…. Holly Cote works in administration at the Fort Vancouver (Wash.) Regional Library…. Another classmate living in Seattle, Kathy Cranford, spends the summers tour-bus driving all over Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory. In the off season she’s making progress in the naturopathic medicine program with studies ranging from pathology to botanical medicine and homeopathy…. William Culbertson is an associate with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey in Cleveland…. Attorney Brian Cullen is an associate with Bingham Dana in Boston…. As a caseworker for Big Brother/Big Sister of the Cape Cod islands, Desmond Curran matches chidren and volunteers and charts their progress. He is also part of the commercial shellfishing industry. He has been doing some writing and has begun to look for acting opportunities in New England…. Now in western Massachusetts, Scott Dalton writes for Channing L. Bete Co. “I write/revise/adapt scintillating medical booklets such as Syphilis and You and Military Relocation: A Guide to Moving…. Allison Davis Williams was promoted to manager of the operations in Virginia of SECOR International Inc., supervising five people in the Richmond office…. Continuing to work in the greater San Antonio area, Nora Demleitnerhad quite a summer in 1997. She was a research fellow at the Max- Planck Institute for criminal law in Freiburg, Germany, while holding a visiting professorship at the Univ. of Freiburg. Along the way, she managed to get together with a few alums including Craig ’88 and Cindy Gerstl-Pepin and Gisela Mayer ’90…. As part of her work at Fox & Fowle Architects in New York City, Elizabeth Donoff has been working on an apartment building in the West Village. She also oversaw the firm’s entry, “The Giving Garden,” in Can Struction in which architecture firms build structures out of cans, which are then donated to the Food for Survival food bank after a panel of judges gives out awards. She joined Heidi Hertler at a mini-reunion held at Cadence Turner ‘s house on Staten Island…. At his job as manager, market strategy and analysis, with HBO, Tim Donovan occasionally runs into Chris Grunden…. Matthew Dowling is assistant profesor of history at Providence College…. Tim Drane continues to work for Goldman Sachs at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange…. Working as a radiation therapist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Lisa Drottar-Hannigan often seesDoug Tomasian…. In Worcester, Mass., Michelle Dunhamteaches at a private preschool for underprivileged children…. After leaving private law practice in Washington, D.C., Jeff Ellinport accepted a position with General Electric Information Services in Rockville, Md. He has published his first book, Tools of the Trade: Practical Legal Writing for the 21st Century, that is already being used at law schools. Jeff also writes a monthly column for Collecting magazine on original cartoon art…. After graduating from an emergency medicine residency in the U.S. Army at Fort Hood, Texas,Ronald Freid was on the teaching faculty affiliated with Texas A&M College of Medicine. Wife Renae is a family practice resident at Texas A&M. Ron wants to practice emergency medicine in Maine or complete a sports medicine fellowship once he is off active duty…. Living on Bainbridge Island, Wash., Langley Gace is an ocean engineer for Ocean Spar Technologies…. Winding up his Ph.D. work, Andrew Gooding is a teaching assistant in English composition at Univ. of Illinois-Urbana. Grace (Tallman) , a computer aide at a public middle school, monitors a computer lab, helping teach students how to use e-mail, word processors, and the Internet…. Peter Muise and Tony Grima have lived in Cambridge, Mass., for 10 years. Tony is with the information technology group of the college division of Houghton Mifflin. With the Alumni Association at MIT, Peter coordinates volunteers who plan events for young alumni and graduating seniors…. Back in Boston, Wendy Harris was balancing work on her dissertation with a full-time job as a research associate at the Health Institute of New England Medical Center. While there she has had many opportunities to travel, teach, and publish…. After four years at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Sonja Hartmann moved to the Flathead Valley in Montana near Glacier National Parkm, where most recently she was program director for the Glacier Institute’s Big Creek Outdoors Education Center, working with school groups and adults, doing natural history programming…. A high school teacher she is not, but Laura Hawkins Smith has successfully established her own business with a doggy day-care center, K9 to 5, and hopes to expand to other locations…. After eight years in the Pacific Northwest,Gail Hegeman moved to Florence, Mass., to an outpatient rehab clinic that specializes in hand therapy. Any success finding a local folk rock band in need of a drummer?… After moving to Franconia, N.H. last summer, Laurel Hemmerstarted a new job as a family counselor for Family Strength. Earlier she was a residential therapist with children and their families at St. Ann’s Home in Methuen, Mass…. As station advocate for the Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Andy Henderson‘s work concerns military justice, environmental labor, contract, administrative law, and any other legal issues. He expects to be at NASB through this summer…. While doing a postdoc at UNC-Chapel Hill, Susan Hendricksonoverlapped in the chemistry department with Estelle LeBeau’91. She had a visit from Eric Scharrer ’88 and crossed paths with other Batesies too young to remember Adams Hall as an all-male dorm!… When last heard from, Clark Hill was an FC2 (computers) in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Norfolk and assigned to the Laboon Aegis destroyer, which included tours in the Middle East and Mediterranean. Carol-Ann (Yanchuk)was an assistant branch manager/officer in the corporate main office at Fleet Bank in Boston…. Chris and Courtney Hobbs Burnes have ended t
he coastal commute between Maryland and Massachusetts to live in Duxbury. She has been an HIV/AIDS nurse educator at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center…. Ralph “Tad” Hofmeister is a member of the technical staff at Lighting Networks in Cupertino, Calif…. Linda Johnson moved to Washington, D.C., to pursue new opportunities in the political arena. She has worked there for Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-S.C.) as deputy director of communications…. Heather Jones keeps busy teaching eighth-grade math in Maryland…. Maria Joseph Chigas has been account director, partner, at J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency. She and Victor have been remodeling their apartment and Resi also taught skiing during winter weekends at Wilmot Mountain…. Brad and Sandy Kapsalis Jimmo have been doing residencies at UVM, Sandy in pediatrics and Brad in surgery. They own a house in South Burlington which they share with their two large dogs…. In Salem, N.H., Elizabeth Katz founded a private tutoring company, Personal Academic Support Specialists (PASS). She has many happy clients and the business is growing fast. Her cookbook, The Best of Buffy’s Bakery, is in its second printing…. Russ and Tracy Libby enjoy their own home in Jacksonville, Fla. He is the head golf club professional at Sawgrass Country Club…. Anne and Prescott Littlefield have bought a house in Lyme, Conn., and enjoy racing their sailboat and the company of two Labrador retrievers. Along with grad school, Prescott worked at the Mystic Seaport Museum and did some work in the marine technologies department a Maritime High School in New Haven. Anne is an attorney in Hartford, practicing education and municipal law…. Joseph Mancinelli continues to work at Chemian Co. Inc. in Exeter, N.H. He and Laurie have finished building a house in Plaistow…. An ESL teacher for the Bridgeport (Conn.) public schools, Susan Mankowitz teaches at Luis Munoz Marin School for grades K-8, working mainly with younger grades. In Trumbull, she also teaches an adult ed advanced ESL course two nights a week…. Living in Manchester, Mass., Greg Meahl is a director with Prudential and wife Margaret is a teacher…. Deirdre Mills Goldenbogenis AVP, global research librarian, at Putnam Investments…. After four years in Atlanta, Anne Mollerus reports that her corn sweetener sales and her house are “in great shape” where she has located to Eden Prairie, Minn. She also does volunteer work with the Youth Ministry at her church…. David Morrisworks in London, England, as vice president, capital markets, for Bank of Boston…. Andrea Nightingale was in Nepal for two months of pre- dissertation work in 1997, and hoped to return there. She also had been in South America for six months “chasing my pipe dream to do comparative work in the Andes and the Himalayas.”… An update from Peter Orgell-Baird fills us in on work and travel since 1995. That summer he drove to national parks across the country, then took a 10-week Land Rover trip from Cape Town to Nairobi in Africa. A management consultant then for McKinsey & Co. in the United States, Canada, and Europe, he moved to South Africa in December 1997 to work on a company project in Cape Town. Now committed to staying five to seven years, he is a principal in Capital Partners, a private equity/venture capital firm. He and Michelle bought a house near the beach in Cape Town, “absolutely loving it.” She leads a massive restructuring of the South African criminal justice system for the Minister of Justice…. Richard Pedone is a lawer with Peabody & Brown, Boston…. Rodney Peterson works at Chase Securities in Manhattan. He and Lorin bought a house in Pelham, N.Y., joining the metro commuting scene…. Moving from New England to New Jersey, Jim Pickette continues as an audit manager for Deloitte & Touche. Megan (Falk) ’91 works for Ortho Biotech, a Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Co…. “Putting my master’s degree in social work to good use (!)” as a sales manager at a Ford dealership in Arlington Heights, Ill.,Bill Pineo is “lovin’ life in the Midwest” in his new house with wife Kath and baby Kaelyn…. At L.L. Bean, Michelle Quagge Bennett is training and development coordinator in personnel services…. Kristin Reynolds Mancini’s dissertation discussed the economics of safe drinking water. She has a job at WEFA in Burlington, Mass…. Peter and Susan Richards Wong are extremely busy with three children but love every minute of it. Peter still teaches math at Bates…. Jennifer Rossiter Green teaches music at The Fessenden School, West Netwon, Mass…. Practicing in Morris Plains, N.J., Jane Simpson works as a family law attorney…. After leaving a position with Macy’s as human resources manager, Karen Skolfield Howes accepted a new job with Irving Oil as a human resource regional employment coordinator, traveling in several New England states….When she last wrote, Joan Steers Siminitus said she and her husband were making improvements on their first house, a little old red one-room schoolhouse in Starksboro, Vt…. Sue Stich has an M.S. in physical therapy from Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Husband Jose Royo, a native of Spain, is completing grad school in Boston…. Shari Stimer Mulveyenjoys her work as a private pediatrician in Chicago…. Karen and Stephen Swallen moved to Ann Arbor, where each has a postdoctoral position at the university. He does research and teaching in the chemistry department and loves being back in the Midwest…. Nick Tangney is vice president, international marketing, with MFS Investment Management in Boston…. “After dreaming for several years of living in San Francisco, I made the move in 1997,” writes Ruth Thompson. She lived in the city, then moved north of the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County. She is a premium auditor with the Hartford Insurance Group. “Getting psyched for our Reunion in June!”… In Seattle, Robin Van Tine is in his final year as an apprentice for USWest as network technician, telephone installation and maintenance…. After working in Washington, D.C., as a legal editor and writer for the Bureau of National Affairs, Lauren Walsh planned to move back to Porland, Ore., to begin work as an attorney for the Teamsters…. Donna Waterman Douglass is a physical therapist for Community Care in Manchester, Maine…. James Willsey sends a condensed version of his life since graduation: married to Cynthia in 1994; received a master’s in mechanical engineering in 1996 from UVM; built a house in Hinesburg, Vt.; working at IBM in Burlington; son Cooper arrived in 1997…. At New School Univ. in NYC, Chris Wright is director…. Jack Yang continues to practice law in the Silicon Valley. Suzanne is an at-home mom with Cameron…. In the fall of 1997, Julia Young Mann moved to Boston from Bethesda when husband Dave was at Harvard Business School. At the time, Julia worked for Principal Healthcare Inc. (the corporate headquarters of a national HMO) via telecommuting and on-the-road travel. In the national network development area of the company, her primary responsibilites were to negotiate managed-care contracts with hospitals/medical centers for various HMO markets. She also negotiated contracts with “centers of excellence” for a national organ transplant network…. In Boston, Scott Young is portfolio manager at Fleet National Bank…. Af
ter law school, attorney Clara Zone spent several years overseas. She has settled in northern Virginia, working as chief compliance officer for a mid-size IT consulting firm. The job changes with internal and market developments and with changes in labor and immigration laws that affect the business. She has recruited Derek Warner ’97 to work in her department and may recruit another Bates grad when Derek goes to law school. Classmates in graduate school: Elizabeth Breed Allen, Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, speech and language pathology; Cathy Burke Rowe, Ph.D., public health, Columbia; Andrew Gooding, Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois; Wendy Harris, Ph.D., public health, Columbia;Susan Hendrickson, postdoctoral, UNC-Chapel Hill;Prescott Littlefield, M.A., marine environmental management, URI; Tracey Matsuba Owen, M.B.A., William Carey College; Peter Orgell-Baird, Stanford Business School; Kim Phinney, M.A., urban environmental policy, Tufts; Kristin Reynolds Mancini, Ph.D., economics, Yale;Jo Seavey, M.S.W., Connecticut; Theodore Walls, Ph.D., Boston College. Graduate Degrees: Heather Carson, M.A., Breadloaf School of English, Middlebury College; Timothy Donovan, M.B.A., Emory; Michelle Dunham, M.S., early childhood education, Wheelock College; Lucy Fauteux, Ph.D., immunology, McGill; Susan Hendrickson, Ph.D., chemistry, Colorado State Univ.; Ralph “Tad” Hofmeister, Ph.D., electrical engineering, Stanford; Sandy Kapsalis Jimmo, M.D., UVM; Dierdre Mills Goldenbogen, M.L.S., Univ. of Pittsburgh; Rodney Peterson, M.B.A., Tuck School of Business; Jim Sammarco, M.D., orthopedic surgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Sue Stich, M.S., physical therapy, Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.