The Quimby League

The Quimby league is dedicated to parliamentary-style debate. Although some Washington schools have participated in a regional league that offers traditional (Lincoln-Douglas, Policy) debate, many students did not have time for the preparation these styles require.

According to Emily Eigen, debate adviser at Maret School, parliamentary debate suits her students much better. They don’t need to spend countless hours amassing boxes of evidence. They simply need to stay current with contemporary issues.

One of the main motivations for her students’ active participation, Eigen says, is O’Doherty’s ability to teach them the parliamentary debate style “with humor and passion.” Most of the tournament judges are recruited from local universities, says Eigen, and as a result,  “the league has great potential for fostering collaboration between area schools and universities.”

Phillips fellowships provide major funding to Bates students who design exceptional projects focusing on research, service-learning and/or career exploration. Projects must involve substantial immersion in a different culture. The fellowships were established through the bequest of Charles Franklin Phillips, fourth president of Bates College, and his wife, Evelyn.

For more information about the Brooks Quimby Debate League or its upcoming tournament, contact Brian O’Doherty at 202-903-1089, or Penny Work, National Cathedral School, at 202-537-6370.

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