NCAA Men's Tennis Championships under way at Bates

Bears from St. Louis, Stags from California and other top-notch Division III men’s tennis teams and players are vying for NCAA championships over six days (May 13-18) at Bates College’s Wallach Tennis Center.

Eight teams are competing for the team championship from May 13-15, followed by 32 singles players and 16 doubles pairs going for those championships May 16-18. Included on the list are Bates doubles pair Ben Stein (Pelham, N.Y.) and Amrit Rupasinghe (Colombo, Sri Lanka). Stein is also named as the alternate singles player from the Northeast Region. More singles and doubles details are further below.

The eight quarterfinalists are Claremont-McKenna College (24-7), Williams College (17-3), Washington University (18-4), Gustavus Adolphus (30-5), Emory University (17-6), Kenyon College (25-1), Middlebury College (17-5) and the University of Mary Washington (22-6).

SINGLES QUALIFIERS (Alphabetical by name):
Mark Boren, Emory (22-8)
Andy Bryan, Gust. Adolphus (27-4)
Charlie Cutler, Washington-St. Louis (18-8)
Spencer Feldman, Trinity (Conn.) (11-6)
Chris Fletcher, Methodist (21-3)
James Furr, Trinity (Tex.) (19-3)
Oliver Gaines, Trinity (Tex.) (18-10)
Garrett Gates, Bowdoin (28-7)
Michael Goodwin, Emory (15-10)
Dan Greenberg, Williams (22-6)
Michael Greenberg, Kenyon (29-2)
John James, Mary Washington (19-9)
Jared Kamel, UC Santa Cruz (16-6)
John Kauss, Gust. Adolphus (25-5)
Kortney Keith, DePauw (15-11)
Brenden Kincaid, Salisbury (20-5)
Michael Klimchak, TCNJ (16-9)
Andrew Lee, Middlebury (12-12)
Zach Lerner, Amherst (11-9)
Randy Loden, Mary Washington (22-9)
David Maldow, Johns Hopkins (17-4)
Filip Marinkovic, Middlebury (18-7)
John Mook, Chris. Newport (20-3)
Max Ortiz, UC Santa Cruz (13-5)
John Pelton, Hope (20-2)
Dustin Phillips, Texas-Tyler (20-3)
Stephen Sullivan, Bowdoin (23-10)
Cameron Taylor, Pomona-Pitzer (15-11)
Eric Wagar, Redlands (23-5)
Larry Wang, Claremont-M-S (19-6)
John Watts, Washington-St. Louis (25-4)
Miguel Yunes, Carthage (21-5)

Atlantic South: David Sutton, Greensboro
Central: Will Zhang, Chicago
Northeast: Ben Stein, Bates
West: Robert Sajovic, Texas-Tyler

Any individual that scratches from the singles tournament will be replaced by an individual from their region.

DOUBLES QUALIFIERS (Alphabetical by school):
Ben Stein/Amrit Rupasinghe, Bates (20-9)
Jared Kamel/Marc Vartabedian, UC Santa Cruz (13-4)
John Mook/Eddie Glidewell, Chris. Newport (23-4)
Guillaume Schils/Larry Wang, Claremont-M-S (24-8)
Randy Lofgren/Kevin Newman, Denison (19-6)
Andy Bryan/Charlie Paukert, Gust. Adolphus (24-7)
Casey Blythe/Joe Vasoontara, Johns Hopkins (13-6)
Michael Greenberg/Jeremy Polster, Kenyon (17-3)
Randy Loden/Kaz Murata, Mary Washington (19-9)
Fil Marinkovic/Andrew Thompson, Middlebury (24-5)
Brenden Kincaid/Scott Burtzlaff, Salisbury (19-6)
Michael Klimchak/Roger Mosteller, TCNJ (14-4)
Dustin Phillips/David Ashlock, Texas-Tyler (17-2)
Oliver Gaines/Ryan Desantis, Trinity (Tex.) (18-7)
Charlie Cutler/Chris Hoeland, Washington-St. Louis (22-7)
Dan Greenberg/Bret Thacher, Williams (15-9)

Atlantic South: Evan Stiegel/Thomas Kinrade, Haverford (9-5)
Central: Dan Lafountaine/Nate Fox, Grinnell (25-3)
Northeast: Garrett Gates/Alex Caughron, Bowdoin (6-7
West: Brian Pybas/Max Ortiz, UC Santa Cruz (9-1)

Any doubles team that scratches from the doubles tournament will be replaced with an alternate from their region.

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