Back Home

From Paul: Hey all. I am home for a brief period of time before heading back up to Bates tomorrow. It’s really great to have a couple of days off and to relax at home with the family, eat some home-cooked meals, and sleep in my own bed. I even got to go to a NY Ranger game with my dad. They lost unfortunately but it was still nice spending time with my dad and being with my fellow crazy hockey fans. 

I have also been doing some significant studying because the week I get back I have a midterm exam in Latin American history (Wednesday), a Spanish presentation on native populations in Argentina (Thursday), and a test on criminal research in Criminology (Friday). Having this nice little October Break has been the perfect way to relax my mind and prepare for the tough work week ahead.

In my next blog entry I am going to post some pictures taken of campus during October. The campus is absolutely gorgeous right now with everything at peak fall foliage. Be on the look out for those in the next few days. Until next time…

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