Back to Bates…

From Paul: Hey all. Thanksgiving break is nearing its end. Tomorrow morning I will finish packing the car and head back up to campus. I hope to get back to Bates sometime in the early afternoon. The vacation was really nice. I still find it so great that no matter how long I am away from family and friends, when I come home it is as if nothing has changed.

I was certainly grateful that I had a whole week off to rest, relax, and prepare for final exams and papers. Although I kept telling myself I would get work done over break I accomplished very little. Finding the motivation to work while eating turkey and hanging out with family + friends is not easy. I’d like to blame my lack of progress on work on the tryptophan from the turkey but I don’t suppose that’s fair. In any event, tomorrow I will be back in my dorm room and will hopefully find the inspiration to focus on the busy 2 weeks ahead. 

In other random news, my dad and I put the ski rack and snow tires on the car I am bringing up to school. It should now be fully winterized and prepared for a winter full of skiing. That’s all for now. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Until next time…

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