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On the last day of his first-year seminar, Bill Hiss (see below) handed out Bates College caps to each of his students enrolled in "Literature through Cataclysm," in modern Russian, Japanese and Vietnamese fiction and film. As the semester concluded, Hiss and his students posed on the steps of Hathorn Hall in a farewell portrait.  Hiss serves as an academic advisor to the students in his FYS course.

Bill Hiss is the Vice President for External Affairs and a Lecturer in Asian Studies at Bates College. He serves as part of the President’s office, supervising the Office of Career Services, handling federal and state government relations, national and regional press relations, and doing alumni, fundraising and communications work for the College.

On the last day of class, students in “Literature through Cataclysm,” a first-year seminar taught by Bill Hiss, vice president for external affairs, celebrate by tossing Bates caps given as a gift to each student by Hiss.

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