Meet the Class of 2013

Although the final numbers are subject to change, Bates expects new students to include 470 first-years and a single transfer student, drawn from 4,913 applications. Of the new students, 220 are male and 251 are female, or 46.7 percent vs. 53.3 percent.

Five are American Indian or Alaskan native, 36 are Asian or Pacific islander, 30 are non-Hispanic African Americans, and 20 are Hispanic. There are 337 white non-Hispanics.

The new students have residences in 34 states and represent 20 foreign countries. Slightly more than half of the entering class, or 238, reside outside of New England, vs. 233 New Englanders. Forty of the new arrivals, or 8.5 percent, are from Maine, with 9.9 percent of all actively enrolled Bates students being from Maine.

Some 1,720 students are expected on campus this fall and 143 will be attending Bates-approved programs off campus, for a total student body of 1,863.

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