Campus Construction Update: Oct. 1, 2010

Garcelon press box

With the Garcelon Field dedication and inaugural game just days away,  it’s a race to the goal line for the R.A.D. Sports crew renovating the facility. Meanwhile, Hedge Hall is gaining headroom while Roger Williams Hall embiggens its footprint.

What’s left to be done in the renovation of Garcelon Field? “Just a whole lot of loose ends,” says project manager Mike Gustin. Read more about the race to the goal line.

So here we were contemplating the renovation of Hedge and Roger Williams halls and thinking, Steel, baby, steel! It’s all about the steel! — But that’s so two weeks ago. Because now it’s all about the wood. Read more about the renovations of Hedge and Roger Williams halls.

Can we talk? Campus Construction Update welcomes your questions, reminiscences and comments about campus improvements. Please e-mail staff writer Doug Hubley at this E-mail, stating “Construction Update” in the subject line.

View a sequential slide show of the construction of the Garcelon Field grandstand by clicking the thumbnails below:

View a slide show of the renovations of Hedge and Roger Williams halls by clicking the thumbnails below:

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