Slide Show: Parents and Family Weekend 2012

Parents and Family Weekend 2012 featured a wide range of activities and opportunities that allowed parents and families to experience Bates through the eyes of their students.

The myriad events of the program included many activities that make up a typical Bates weekend, including athletic contests and performances. The weekend also featured special events, such as a faculty symposium on “Teaching and Scholarship in a Liberal Arts Environment,” a student research symposium, and opportunities to honor and remember the life of Troy Pappas ’16, a wide receiver for the football team.

For a look at this memorable weekend, watch the slide show on the Bates Flickr site, or view the images in the embedded slide show above. Photographs by Mike Bradley, Phyllis Graber Jensen and Simone Schriger ’14. For more about the football game, view a slide show on the Bates Athletics site.

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