Video: Nathaniel Boone ’52 describes Congressional Gold Medal

Nate Boone ’52 and other Montford Point Marines were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2012 for the achievement of integrating the U.S. Marine CorpsĀ  in the 1940s.

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  1. Bob Greenberg '54 says:

    I went to Bates with Nate, played football with him, skied together, and even hit a few tennis balls with him. I see him annually at the Marine Corps birthday in Manchester, VT and it is a pure pleasure. I also served in the Marines, so we share stories. He is a first class person who I am proud to have as a friend.

  2. Dr.Dewey L.Barton says:

    I remember well, going to Bates with Nate Boone……..undoubtedly the best athlete in our class. We played freshman football together and I found out that Nate was a former Marine, as was I………so that increased out bond………… later, near the end of our sophomore year I heard that the Marine Corps was sending some people to campus to recruit for a six week summer platoon leaders class with the offer of
    a commission in the active reserve for two years on graduation.
    I had no intention of accepting the commission on graduation but thought it might be fun to attend the summer session at Quantico, Va. I saw Nate on campus and told him and said; let’s sign up. When the recruiters came to campus, I took their physical and signed up…….later I saw Nate on campus and told him and asked him: did you sign up? He said; they wouldn’t take me!…..I asked “why not?” and he said “because I’m black”………..I felt terrible…..about an inch high!
    so ,I am so pleased that the military finally got it straight under Pres. Truman and integrated…………thanks, Dewey L. Barton

  3. Dr.Dewey L.Barton says:

    Greetings from Florida,
    I just received my Winter 2013 “Bates” magazine and enjoyed and remembered Nate Boone, a fellow classmate and Marine. I would very much like to renew our friendship. Could you please pass my email address along to Nate?
    Thanks so much,

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