From a Distance: President Spencer’s installation ceremony

Below, when Bates photographer Mike Bradley captured President Spencer’s inauguration from the office of tennis coach Paul Gastonguay ’89, we saw seven points of interest.

Photograph by Mike Bradley/Bates College

Photograph by Mike Bradley/Bates College

They are:

1: One of three video camera operators for the livestream.

2: Twin 10-by-16 screens featuring separate video stream.

3: Delegates representing 72 colleges and universities.

4: President Spencer’s mother, father, siblings.

5: Platform party including former presidents Harward, Cable, Hansen.

6: Stage superstructure designed in-house by Michael Reidy, theater department chair and managing director of theater and dance (story, page 8).

7: Sign language interpreter Meryl Troop, a regular at major campus events.

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