Slideshow: 2014 Mount David Summit’s happy, if trippy, scene

It’s quite the scene.

Standing proudly beside their posters, animated and articulate students explain their research to visitors.

In turn, these cheerfully befuddled visitors work earnestly to grasp student insights into chemotaxis, mortality salience or the Arab Spring in Tunisia. Somehow, it always works, and the scene at Mount David Summit is always happy, if trippy.

Visitors come from near and far, and a least one watched from far, far away this year.

Right before Andrew Carranco ’14 discussed his research on Japanese-Peruvian internment in Texas during World War II, he walked over to his computer and tilted the screen toward the lectern.

“My Mom is Skpying with me,” he told the audience in the Pettengill classroom, which prompted a collective “Awwww…” from all of us.

Photographs by Sarah Crosby and Phyllis Graber Jensen.

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