Message for Faculty from Committee on Personnel

The Committee on Personnel (COP) acknowledges that COVID-19 has complicated our professional lives in a variety of ways. We recognize that the impact of COVID-19 will reverberate in the years ahead, delaying and shifting how we do our work in a manner we cannot imagine fully yet.

In this unique moment, we remind you that reappointment, tenure, and promotion criteria at Bates have always allowed for myriad approaches to demonstrating excellence in teaching and significant professional achievement, and included a prospective judgment about promise for further development, rather than a specific number of publications, books, or other output. We respect the full range of contributions faculty members make, including the effort and creativity required in adjusting to this very complicated time.


John Baughman, Associate Professor of Politics
Carol Dilley, Professor of Dance
Steven Dillon, Professor of English
Stephen Engel, Professor of Politics
Emily Kane, Professor of Sociology
Jennifer Koviach-Côté, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peter Wong, Professor of Mathematics